Fercam Transportes moves a machine of 13 tons from Shanghai, China, to Tangier, Morocco

The heavy cargo required all the more attention as it was moved during the Christmas holidays

Fercam Transportes SA, a Coop member in Barcelona, Spain, has moved a machine weighing 13 tons from Shanghai, China, to Tangiers, Morocco during last Christmas. The shipment was first moved to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in Germany from where the trucks of Fercam coordinated the cargo to Tangier.

freight forwarder


freight forwarder

Their team was responsible for various aspects of the shipment such as importing the cargo to HHN Germany, making customs arrangements, loading the shipment onto the Fercam truck to Algeciras in the south of Spain, transit completion and export clearance and finally loading the shipment on the ferry to the Port of Tanger Med.

As stated by Mr. Jesus Garcia, the Air and Ocean Freight Manager of Fercam Transportes, “We had to move the cargo to Frankfurt airport since no Spanish airport had the suitable crane for loading and unloading the 13 ton machine. Moreover, the entire operation was carried out from December 23rd to 25th which is the holiday season here. I would like to thank each and every member of my team for the impeccable planning and execution of this project!”

Congratulations to Fercam Transportes for the flawless execution of this complex project!