Flagship Forwarding LLC successfully ships a 38 bantry bay wood row boat

The boat which will be used in the Atlantic Challenge 2018 was shipped from Bristol, USA, all the way to Antrim, UK

Fragship News

Flagship Forwarding LLC, a Coop member in Boston, USA, recently completed a shipment of a 38’ Bantry Bay row boat which will be used in the Atlantic Challenge International Contest of Seamanship held in Northern Ireland in July 2018. The shipment came with many challenges, the major one being that the boat was over 100 years old. Flagship Forwarding was required to hire a special rigging company in RI for handling the boat.

In the words of Andrea Kalligheri, President of Flagship Forwarding, “The boat was sent to Antrim under a carnet so that it could be exported or re-imported back into the US worry free. Our team was responsible for all aspects of the importation to Antrim such as clearance, delivery as well as sending it back to the USA. Processing this shipment was a rather stressful job which we executed with the utmost perfection.”

A big congratulation to Flagship Forwarding LLC for a job well done!