New forwarders alliance starts operation: American Shipper

A new freight forwarder alliance, the Cooperative Logistics Network, has begun operations this week

The alliance’s founding members come from more than 50 countries and have total 2013 revenue of more than 550 million euros ($679.95 million).
“Since September, we have been inundated with applications because, I believe, independents understand they are in a ‘cooperate or die’ situation,” said the cooperative’s managing director, Antonio Torres. “No company wants to be left out in the cold when the multinationals are conveniently gaining 1 percent of the market annually.
“Cooperation simply won’t work if a network is overcrowded,” he continued, “which is why we are only allowing a maximum of three agents per city, with the exception of the largest cities allowing five. This capped non-exclusive network has hand-picked freight forwarders in each major air/seaport which will cooperate in a financially secure environment to reduce costs and risks and grow their businesses together to compete against the largest multinationals.”
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