Cairo Freight Systems moves an oil project consisting of 3500 pipes weighing more than 6000 tons

They moved the cargo via ocean freight from the Netherlands all the way to an oil field in Egypt

Cairo Freight Systems, a Coop member in Cairo, Egypt, has successfully executed an oil project. The project involved transporting charter vessel pipes of various lengths and their associated accessories from the Netherlands to Egypt through ocean freight. This operation encompassed the movement of more than 3500 pipes, with a total weight exceeding 6000 tons.

Cairo Freight Systems
Oil project by Cairo Freight Systems


Mr. Loay Nayef, Chairman of Cairo Freight Systems, expressed his appreciation for the exceptional work accomplished by the operation and clearance staff, as well as the leaders of the trucking departments. “The dedication and professionalism with which our team concluded this task is indeed commendable and their efficiency is solely responsible for the seamless execution of this project,” he said.

Furthermore, Cairo Freight Systems also took up the responsibility of handling customs clearance at the destination port and the loading of the shipment onto low bed and semi bed trailers destined for South Sinai. The final destination for these materials was an oil field known as Ras Shukaeir in Egypt.

Congratulations to Cairo Freight for a job well done!