Nautiqus does their bit for the environment by adopting two beehives, home to 50,000 bees

The Nautiqus bees will pollinate flowers and plants at their apiary farm while each bee colony will be able to produce 20 to 30 kg of honey per year

Nautiqus SP. Z.O.O., a Coop member in Gdynia, Poland, has adopted two beehives which are home to nearly 50,000 bees. Nautiqus has a long-standing policy of socially responsible business and places a strong emphasis on environmental activities. The hives are located on the territory of the Sadecki Bartnik Apiary where the insects will be cared for by experienced beekeepers.

“Concern for the environment and the promotion of green attitudes is one of the elements embedded in our corporate responsibility activities. We replaced our car fleet with hybrid cars a few years ago, and we have been developing IT solutions for years to eliminate paper documentation. Now we have decided to focus additionally on helping the bees,” comments Dominik Popiel, CEO of Nautiqus.

Poland has nearly 10% of all the hives in the European Union. The number of beekeepers and the number of bee colonies is steadily increasing. Moreover, the increase in the number of bees is also largely due to the approach of companies which are paying more and more attention to the role of bees in the ecosystem in their CSR activities.

Mr Popiel further adds, “It is estimated that up to 70 per cent of the world’s agriculture depends on bees. When there are no bees, there will be no pollination – there will be a shortage of plants, then animals…. Unfortunately, their situation is getting worse all over the world due to climate change, pesticides and habitat loss. Environmentalists and conservation organizations are increasingly calling for action to save the bees.”

Nautiqus- freight forwarder in Gdynia
Natiqus Beehives


The Nautiqus bees will engage in the vital task of pollinating flowers and plants. Remarkably, each colony of bees has the capacity to generate an impressive yield of 20 to 30 kg of honey annually. The cooperation of Nautiqus with Sadecki Bartnik Apiary lasted almost 10 years. So far, this has included honey exports to the UK. They are expecting that the present partnership with the beehives will last just as long.

Congratulations to Nautiqus for their commitment to a greener future!

C. Hartwig SA will start operating a brand-new warehouse of 5000 square meters

The vicinity of the warehouse to the Gdansk Deepwater Container Terminal gives it an excellent locational advantage

C. Hartwig SA, a Coop member in Gdansk and Gdynia, Poland, has created a 5000 sq m storage facility which will start operating May 2020 onward. Advantageously located within the Pomeranian Logistics Centre this bonded warehouse cum temporary storage facility was constructed by Goodman- a reputed company that has undertaken many projects in the Gdansk Port area.

logistics companies and suppliersTo quote Mr. Radoslaw Januszczak, the Network Development Manager of C Hartwig, “This storage facility will meet all the requirements for storage of goods coming under the control of sanitary and veterinary authorities and will also follow a GMP + procedure. Our new 4 storeyed facility is equipped with high storage racks, 8 unloaded gates for cross-docking, and 1 special gate which allows us to move cargo from the warehouse and load it onto the vehicles from the                                                                                          side.”

The warehouse will operate Hyster electric fork-lift trucks, two counterbalanced fork-lift trucks with a capacity of 3.50 tons each, two platform stackers with a capacity of 2 tons each and one reach stacker with 2 tons capacity.

logistics companies and suppliers

Congratulations to C. Hartwig SA on their new warehouse and wishing them the very best for their future projects!