New online portal by Worldwide Customs and Forwarding for clients to track the real-time location of their shipment

Worldwide Customs and Forwarding- freight forwarder in Melbourne
New online portal – WWCF

The recently launched online client portal will enable their clients to access to live GPS location updates on vessels until they reach their final destination

Worldwide Customs and Forwarding, a Coop member in Melbourne, Australia, has created a new online portal that will allow their customers to have end-to-end tracking of their shipments. Additionally, this innovative platform empowers their customers with comprehensive end-to-end tracking capabilities for their shipments.

WWCF-New online portal - Coop_
WWCF – New online portal

Moreover, it grants clients access to live GPS location updates on vessels, along with essential milestones such as pick-up, loading, departure, arrival, clearance, delivery, and more. According to Mr. Nathan Llewellyn, General Manager of Worldwide Customs and Forwarding, this tool has proven to be an excellent asset for their clients. “It has not only elevated our customer experience but also contributed to substantial internal efficiencies,” he says.

By seamlessly extracting data from their internal system, the portal guarantees utmost precision and accuracy. Furthermore, it incorporates features such as accounts payable and a variety of client-specific tools that have received highly positive feedback.

Congratulations to Worldwide Customs and Forwarding for their latest endeavour to boost client service!

Venture Freight Australia grows by 30% after handling regular exports to the Middle East and imports from the USA

Venture is increasing their business volume thanks to the additional clients and market demand

Venture Freight Australia, a Coop member in Melbourne, Australia, has grown their business by 30% thanks to the rise of export volume to countries in the Middle East.

“Two important factors that have led to the growth of our company are additional clients and increased market demand. Moreover, our technology-enabled freight forwarding service perfectly suits the transportation and logistical needs of our clients which is yet another reason for our success,” says Mr Craig Eaton, the Sales Manager of Venture Freight Australia.

Venture Freight - freight forwarder in Melbourne
Venture Freight – freight forwarder in Melbourne


They are also handling several ex works projects from Melbourne to several destinations across the world. Recently, they exported water tanks of various sizes to New Caledonia. This ocean freight shipment required the use of Mafi trailer while the lashing services were provided by the terminal.

“Even though we faced some problems trying to find a vessel due to cancellations, we managed to deliver the shipment to the consignee well within the deadline.”, adds Craig Eaton.

Congratulations to Venture Freight Australia and all the best for their future endeavours!