Intertrans starts offering transshipment services

They have launched this new service to make the most of the growing export trend in the Dominican Republic

Intertrans, a Coop member in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, has started offering transshipment services after identifying a growing export trend in the Dominican Republic. This new service will allow them to increase the sales reach of Dominican exporters as well as that of their associated agents.

Intertrans- independent freight forwarder
Transshipment services by Intertrans


Intertrans already had clients who were in need of transshipment services for moving their cargoes to the Antilles and the Caribbean. These customers have received the news with great enthusiasm. Since starting this service they have also worked with several new associates who are highly satisfied with the standard of service provided. Furthermore, they are one of the few forwarders in the country offering transshipment service and working on the development of this market.

As stated by Mr. Conrad A. Wittkop, Sales & Operations Supervisor of Intertrans, “Since the beginning of the service until today we have made some 1,000 different shipments and handled a variety of merchandises. Thanks to a collective effort with our agents and our commercial department, we have been able to supply the needs of clients inside and outside the country.”

Congratulations to Intertrans and all the best for their upcoming projects!