Neon Freight has added an interesting blog section to their website

The Neon Freight Blog which is all about the world of freight forwarding has been created to drive more potential customers to their website

Neon Freight - Freight Forwarding
Neon Freight – Freight Forwarding

The first post of the blog called ‘The F-Word’ talks about the role of a freight forwarder in the logistics and shipping industry and the various kinds of challenges faced by people in this profession. The writing style of the blog is lucid and humorous and any person related to the industry can easily relate to the post. They will be publishing posts about many different topics over the next few months all of which will be related to the future of the industry.

In the words of Ian Mallon, Managing Director of Neon Freight, “I have created the blog to highlight the human ways in which shipments are arranged for the customers. The supply chain industry is not all about science; it relies on many different ways of getting things done. The blog will also confirm the fact to my clients that we are not another automated service where they ‘book online’ and never speak with anyone. It’s only through making personal relationships that we gain trust.”

In his recently published new blog post, F-Word 2, Ian talks about how lasting business relationships are forged by going for informal meetings in bars and other social locations rather than a formal discussion over Skype or email. Here he also talks about the importance of a dedicated team of workers without whose help the process of automation in the freight forwarding world isn’t complete.

The Coop encourages all its members to take a look at their new blog by clicking on this link.

For shipments to/from Manchester, UK, do not hesitate to contact their team.

Ian Mallon

Chinese Shenzhen newcomer

The Coop is proud to welcome its newest member in Shenzhen, China

Chinese Shenzhen newcomer
Chinese Shenzhen newcomer


Chinese Shenzhen newcomer
Chinese Shenzhen newcomer

Key Contact Names: Jessie Cheung

Company founded in:2006



Members requiring assistance with shipments in Shenzhen, China are invited to get in touch with the NEW CONCEPT LOGISTICS CO.,LTD team.

New logistics network reports applicants abound: Maritime Professional

The Cooperative Logistics Network launched with the promise to applicants of a six-month free trial in exchange for registering attendance at its first annual meeting next May. According to the network, hundreds of applications are being received weekly.

Founder, Antonio Torres, explained, “Attendance at the first annual meeting is the best way for agents to kick-start their membership. From our experience in the networking industry, we have found that attendance at annual meetings is crucial to ensuring any members’ success; it’s a proven fact that members who attend increase their business.”

Torres continued, “Agents work with people they have formed relationships with – this is true of any industry. I believe that the best freight forwarders understand the importance of meeting in person and so those applicants who say no to attending do not have a genuine interest in developing a worldwide network of agents and, therefore, are not for us.”

The Coop team has been studying and whittling down the number of applicants to a block of 100 founding members which will be unveiled when the network has its operational launch on December 1, 2014.

“The standard of applications has been extremely high. To date we have accepted enough companies to fill over 50% of our original target of 100 founding members. We firmly believe we will meet and increase this target well in advance of December 1st,” Torres said.


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Cooperative Network proves attractive to freight forwarders: Maritime Professional

Just one week on from its launch, the team have already processed hundreds of applications and started building its block of founding members, as well as receiving hundreds of website hits and requests for information


“This is as good a start as any network founder could hope for,” said Managing Director Antonio Torres, himself a veteran network owner (CONQUEROR Freight Network), who exactly four years on has launched The Cooperative Logistics Network, a capped nonexclusive network with freight forwarders in each major air/seaport who cooperate in a financially secure environment to reduce costs and risks and grow their businesses together to compete against the multinationals.

“The popularity of the network is reassuring us that our first goal of recruiting 100 agents for our December operational launch is achievable as well as our target of 75 main cities covered by our first annual meeting in May 2015,” Torres said.

A six-month trial is being given to those agents who, once accepted into the network, commit to attending the networks’ first annual meeting. “You could say this is a bit of a risk but I firmly believe that those applicants who say no to attending do not have a genuine interest in developing a worldwide network of agents,” Torres explained. “These are not the kind of members we want.”

The Cooperative Logistics Network will allow a maximum of three agents per city with the exception of the largest cities allowing 5. “The network will provide the intimacy needed for business relationships to grow whilst maintaining the autonomy many forwarders want when choosing business partners,” said Membership Development Coordinator, Eduardo Paternina.

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