The power of teamwork between Coop members leads to a successful cooperation shipment

A Coop member in Hamburg and a Coop member in Koper teamed up to competently deliver two new vehicles


Con-Truck Shipping GMBH- Coop member in Hamburg, Germany, and Globus Shipping Agency Ltd- Coop member in Koper, Slovenia, worked together to successfully ship two new Toyota Land Cruisers from Koper to Caucedo. Con-Truck took care of the sea freight via the CMA CGM shipping line while the trucking and stuffing of the container was arranged by Globus in cooperation with the Port of Koper.

Globus was also in charge of organising for the customs clearance in Slovenia. Both the parties are rather contented with the success of their cooperation shipment and are looking forward to more partnership ventures in the future.

We would like to congratulate Con-Truck Shipping GMBH and Globus Shipping Agency Ltd on the success of their cooperative venture.

If you are trying to find a partner in Koper or Hamburg, why not get in touch with their teams?
Emil Bandelj
Dennis Lehnecke

Globus Shipping Agency earns the AEO Certificate

Globus Shipping Agency, a member of the COOP in Koper, Slovenia is celebrating this September after earning the prestigious AEO certificate


The Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certificate is part of the international customs to business partnership, designed to enhance the security of the international supply chain. The AEO programme is voluntary within the EU and those wishing to attain the certification need to comply with the Community Customs Code (CCC) and also match the rigorous criteria.

These criteria focus on not just the financial and procedural elements of the company but also take into account their protocols in relation to security and safety measures, commitment to professional qualifications and competence and also the company’s record in relation to customs legislation.

Globus Shipping Agency have more than 25 years experience in delivering high quality performance, across their range of services so this certificate is well deserved.

If you have a shipping need in Slovenia, then why not get in touch with the COOP member Globus.