CIMC ADS starts offering tailor-made garment-on-hanger shipping solutions

With their specially created GOH systems, they are providing a distinct advantage in a market where few carriers provide GOH services

CIMC ADS- freight forwarder Shanghai
GOH Services by CIMC ADS


CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics Co ltd, a Coop member in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China, has started offering personalized garment-on-hanger shipping solutions this summer season. With extensive expertise in delivering GOH services by both sea and air, CIMC ADS stands out in a market where few carriers offer GOH services.

Liaoning province in China with its natural resources and comprehensive textile production chain positions it as a strategic base for CIMC ADS’ GOH services. Additionally, Liaoning accounts for 70% of China’s tussur silk production and 60% worldwide, a crucial raw material for high-end garments.

As stated by Daniel Song, from CIMC’s Overseas Market Department, “Carriers offering GOH services are sometimes expensive and often necessitate expensive and time-consuming pre-booking. Our proprietary GOH system is significantly more affordable compared to traditional carrier-provided GOH services.”

GOH containers are indispensable for transporting high-quality garments that must remain wrinkle-free. CIMC ADS has the capacity to construct 4-6 GOH containers per day, ensuring swift and efficient service. Moreover, since the GOH materials are easily removable at the destination, the containers are unaffected and ready for reuse. Additionally, CIMC ADS is also providing tailor-made GOH solutions based on client specifications, including adjustments to height, bar type (single or double), hangers, and materials.

Congratulations to CIMC ADS for offering this special service and all the best with their upcoming projects!