Great Master Logistics delivers full railway service to Europe

COOP member in Ningbo which has been providing FCL service to Europe for the last three years has currently expanded to LCL

Great Master Logistics team, Coop member in Ningbo, has started offering weekly railway consol service from Wuhan to Mala and from Chengdu to Warsaw under the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative. They joined this program two years ago when they started providing their clients with FCL service.
The Sino-Euro Rail service has enabled the containers to travel overland from the supplier’s cargo railway station to the buyer’s cargo railway station, crossing Russian and Central Asian territories within a reasonable transit time and at a competitive price.
According to Vanilla Xu, the Manager of Overseas Development Department, the benefits of the Railway Service are much superior to that of ocean and air freight services: “The order delivery time is much-reduced thanks to the lesser transit time. Now we are able to save the logistics and capital cost from inventory and even change the final destination during transit. Moreover, it involves a lower risk of damage to shipments due to minimum shifting between modes of transport. The unit transportation cost is considerably lower and CO2 emission is also reduced”.
The Belt and Road Initiative developed by the Chinese Government, which aims to bridge the infrastructural gap within Central Asia and beyond, is becoming popular by the day. In the last three years, the focus has been primarily on investments in infrastructure, automobile, materials of construction, railways, roadways, power grids and iron and steel.
The Silk Road Economic Belt would comprise of all the countries located on the original Silk Road which passes through West and Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The BRI is expected to integrate this region into a unified economic zone which would be achieved by the creation of infrastructure, enhancement of cultural exchanges and expansion of trade.

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