Grupo Casco’s Director publishes his second book about the nuances of carrying out international export projects

The book titled Uncomplicated Exports – Your Products Beyond Brazilian Borders has already become one of the most sold books in the International Business category

Kleber Fontes, the Director of Grupo Casco, a Coop member in Curitiba Brazil, has authored a new book after the publication of his first book in 2017. His second book written in Portuguese called EXPORTAÇÃO DESCOMPLICADA – O SEU PRODUTO ALÉM DAS FRONTEIRAS BRASILEIRAS was published last month by Editora Labrador.

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COO member_Kleber Fontes_Director of Grupo Casco_ has authored a new book about logistics sector

The 240 pages book written in simple language is all about Kleber Fontes’ ideas demonstrating the ways to become an exporter, going through all internalization stages. Mr. Fontes’ vast professional experience in foreign trade, finance, logistics and his in-depth knowledge of Brazilian customs legislation has definitely been a contributing factor towards the success of this book.

To quote the author, “Three years after the publication of my first book I have come up with this brand new book which will surely transform the way in which the Brazilian exporters conduct their businesses. Any entrepreneur looking forward to export from Brazil will find this book extremely useful!”

We encourage The Coop members to get hold of this book by clicking here.

Congratulations to Kleber Fontes for his new book and wishing Grupo Casco the very best with their future projects!

Kleber Fontes, Director of Grupo Casco authors a book about how to successfully import in Brazil

The book was officially published on the 17th of November in Portuguese and will be released in English in April 2018

The new book by the Director of The Coop’s member in Curitiba, Kleber Fontes, called ‘7 passos para o Sucesso na Importaçao’ is all about seven easy steps to become a successful importer in Brazil. In this book the readers will get valuable information from a veteran importer about the various practices in the sector. People who are looking forward to internationalize their company or want to deepen their knowledge in the area of foreign trade are sure to learn a lot from this book.

With over a decade of experience in the logistics sector Kleber Fontes offers invaluable content to professionals seeking a career in importing. “How to Import in Brazil” talks about various ways to make a profitable import business in the easiest way. The book, which was originally written in Portuguese, is currently being translated into English for the international audience which will be available February onwards. In the words of Mr. Fontes, “I decided to do this book to clarify all questions related to importing that we have from customers.”

We congratulate Kleber Fontes on his creative endeavour and hope that his insights are of great help to would-be importers and invite members to read it. It can be found on Amazon or on your Apple device.

Grupo Casco sponsors an event to support children with neurological diseases

COOP member in Curatiba participates in a charity dinner organised by ABBRACCE

















On 10th June, Grupo Casco supported a charity event organised by the Non-Governmental Organisation ABRACCE, to help raise funds for children with neurological deficiencies, syndromes and autism, as well as children living in poverty.

Grupo Casco, aware of the problems that these children must go through every day, wished to take part in this fantastic event by cooking and serving up a delicious meal for 250 people.

Thanks to the money raised by this event, ABRACCE will be able to cover their outgoings for at least three more months, allowing them to carry on with their wonderful work.

What a beautiful project, and a big well done Grupo Casco!

New website and YouTube Channel

The COOP Member in Curitiba, Brazil, Casco Soluçôes Logisticas Ltda. has launched not only a fresh new website but revamped their Youtube channel bringing their company information to their customers in style

The site is offered in both its native Portuguese and an English version, so customers across the globe can find out about how the company can help them with their import/export needs. The layout of the site is easy to navigate and gives clear access to descriptions of services and how to contact the company.

The Youtube channel features a great selection of videos from the team, covering a range of topics; such as their recent piece on understanding INCOTERMS or a discussion about payments in term of advance payments and payments via brokers or bankers. N.b. The youtube channel is currently only available in Portuguese.

If you are looking for a distributer in Curitiba, Brazil why not contact Casco Soluçôes Logisticas Ltda.



Interview with Casco Logistica Solucoes LTDA

Kleber Fontes, Director of CASCO SOLUCOES LOGISTICAS LTDA, began his freight forwarding career 10 years ago. Since then he has taken the company from a small business entity to one of the leading freight forwarders in Brazil. Kleber recently spoke with us about the journey his company has been on over the past decade, its secret to success as well as how it deals on a daily basis with the challenges facing the freight forwarding industry.

Q. Can you tell us a little of the history of CASCO SOLUCOES LOGISTICAS LTDA? 

A. Founded in 2005 by Paulo Henrique Leite Ferreira, Grupo Casco began as a custom clearing company and started its activities proper the following year offering international agency service charges and customs clearance. In 2007, a new division was initiated with the formation of a specialized operating team. In a year of great challenges for the company, Grupo Casco achieved significant growth and a stronger customer base. In 2009, start up projects focused on Total Quality! The entire management of Grupo Casco has become strategically committed by utilizing the Quality and Standards program that best fits each of its customers’ needs.

By 2011, Grupo Casco had consolidated its place in the market, maintained growth rates and received recognition of all work done. We were granted the Aster Award for being an ‘Outstanding Company’ in the category ‘Entrepreneurship’ and ‘For the continued growth of Grupo Casco’, we were awarded by ESIC Marketing & Business School.

2012 began with the strengthening of the company’s equity elements: Customers and employees. Special programs of training and integration were developed for a direct and functional channel of communication that focuses on building relationships with our customers. In 2013, we started the project to develop the internal management system aimed at the complete management of the company anywhere in the world, and real-time information. This is the desire and the focus of the entire board and Grupo Casco team, transforming the credibility and strength of a large business.

Q. What distinguishes CASCO SOLUCOES LOGISTICAS LTDA from other freight forwarders in your city? 

A. Customer service is our main focus – our experienced team suggests solutions to customers that at times are not obvious giving us clear credibility and customers’ confidence.

Q. What are the main challenges facing freight forwarders in Brazil at the moment?

A. There is a lot of competition in Brazil amongst small and medium sizes companies – maintaining the status quo is not enough, solutions need to be creative. Growing your business by leveraging your strengths, exclusively, is challenging so we need to operate with a sound business strategy in order to succeed.

Q. How is the freight forwarding industry tackling these challenges?

A. Innovation. There are other ways, but the process of innovation is evident and must be continuous and well aligned with the company’s objectives. Everything depends on the business model and ambition of the company.

Q. How is CASCO SOLUCOES LOGISTICAS LTDA dealing with these challenges on a daily basis? 

A. It’s challenging, but motivational, both mistakes and successes happen often. The important thing is to recognize and leverage the successes and learn from our mistakes. Currently, Group Casco has dealt with these challenges by optimizing the operational process development team, investment in industry events, staying on top of the latest news in the market, investing in marketing and always being creative, both in in-house solutions and the vision of the business.

Q. What attracted you to apply for membership of the COOP?

A. The credibility and the possibility to expand Grupo Casco in this sector with large companies and also expand our business based on member’s need by offering great service which in turn will build strong relationships with members.

Q. What benefits are you seeing as a member of The COOP? 

A. Trust is a big benefit for us. As a member of The Coop, we carry a credibility and reliability which is evident to all our fellow members and vice versa, which can then be passed on to customers. In addition, our membership is allowing us to provide a truly worldwide service to our customers and prospective clients. Grupo Casco has always worked within Brazil, but after our joining The COOP, we started working with the whole world.

We invite members with shipments in Curitiba to get in touch with the team.