Kleber Fontes, Director of Grupo Casco authors a book about how to successfully import in Brazil

The book was officially published on the 17th of November in Portuguese and will be released in English in April 2018

The new book by the Director of The Coop’s member in Curitiba, Kleber Fontes, called ‘7 passos para o Sucesso na Importaçao’ is all about seven easy steps to become a successful importer in Brazil. In this book the readers will get valuable information from a veteran importer about the various practices in the sector. People who are looking forward to internationalize their company or want to deepen their knowledge in the area of foreign trade are sure to learn a lot from this book.

With over a decade of experience in the logistics sector Kleber Fontes offers invaluable content to professionals seeking a career in importing. “How to Import in Brazil” talks about various ways to make a profitable import business in the easiest way. The book, which was originally written in Portuguese, is currently being translated into English for the international audience which will be available February onwards. In the words of Mr. Fontes, “I decided to do this book to clarify all questions related to importing that we have from customers.”

We congratulate Kleber Fontes on his creative endeavour and hope that his insights are of great help to would-be importers and invite members to read it. It can be found on Amazon or on your Apple device.

Grupo Casco sponsors an event to support children with neurological diseases

COOP member in Curatiba participates in a charity dinner organised by ABBRACCE

















On 10th June, Grupo Casco supported a charity event organised by the Non-Governmental Organisation ABRACCE, to help raise funds for children with neurological deficiencies, syndromes and autism, as well as children living in poverty.

Grupo Casco, aware of the problems that these children must go through every day, wished to take part in this fantastic event by cooking and serving up a delicious meal for 250 people.

Thanks to the money raised by this event, ABRACCE will be able to cover their outgoings for at least three more months, allowing them to carry on with their wonderful work.

What a beautiful project, and a big well done Grupo Casco!