Illice Universal Logistics collaborates with Spanish footwear company Paredes Seguridad

They have been in charge of the logistical management of the new line of high-quality protective masks by Paredes Seguridad

Illice Universal Logistics, a Coop member in Valencia, Spain, has teamed up with footwear company Paredes Seguridad for the logistical management of their newly launched protective face masks. The new line of masks provide users with maximum protection from the possibility of COVID-19 contagion.

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COOP_Illice Universal Logistics_partners with Paredes Seguridad for the logistical management of protective face masks.

The certified 3D FFP2 NR masks offer a particle filtration efficiency of over 95% and meet all the international standards. They are perfectly suitable to protect against virus, bacteria, and dust thus preventing accidental contagion at workplaces.

In the words of Marisa Moreno, the Managing Director of Illice Universal, “We are proud to be associated with the development of this new line of protection equipment from Paredes. Our international experience and proficient workforce combined with Paredes’ knowledge of the health sector will ensure that the logistics of the masks run in the most efficient manner.”

Congratulations to Illice Universal and wishing them the best for their next projects!