Kopf + Lübben’s airfreight team successfully executes a high-stakes project shipment to Mexico

They have recently accomplished the transportation of an out-of-gauge electromagnetic drum separator to its destination in Mexico

Kopf + Lübben GmbH, founding Coop member in Bremen, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, Germany, has moved an OOG project shipment consisting of an electromagnetic drum separator from Germany to Mexico. They had to move the cargo urgently to avoid a production standstill.

According to Johan Padding, the Managing Director of Kopf + Lübben, “Under the leadership of Adam Hoffmann, our airfreight team orchestrated a meticulously planned operation to ensure the timely delivery of this critical piece of machinery. Additionally, the sheer weight and dimensions of the magnetic drum posed a formidable challenge, necessitating innovative solutions and close collaboration among various stakeholders.”

Kopf+Lubben - The Cooperative - Airfreight
Kopf+Lubben – The Cooperative – Airfreight


The complexity of the project required a multi-faceted approach. Their team not only efficiently coordinated the transportation from the point of origin but also ensured the flawless execution of the delicate loading process onto the freighter in Luxembourg. Moreover, the timely transportation of the cargo was made possible by the team’s strong relationship with the airline, which enabled them to accommodate the client’s unique requirements.

Congratulations to Kopf & Lübben GmbH for the successful execution of this project!

Con-Truck Shipping steps up the security of their compound by installing a high-security surveillance system

They have enhanced their compound’s security because of their specialized handling of high-value vehicles

Con-Truck Shipping, a Coop member in Hamburg, Germany, has enhanced the security of their compound by the implementation of a sophisticated surveillance system in the area of their high-value cargoes. “We are handling a lot of high valued vehicles and upping the security is the first step towards establishing the ultimate level of trust with our customers and freight forwarding partners.” says Mr. Dennis Lehnecke, the Sales Manager of Con-Truck Shipping.

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They have installed a surveillance system on military standard, with cameras which come with night and heat vision are operational 24 hours, 7 days per week and 365 days per year, live observed by an operator. The area is protected against viewing from the outside, closed with fences all around, electric doors and lock concretes in front of each vehicle. Mr. Lehnecke further states, “As soon as a vehicle enters our ground it gets inspected and registered by one of our employees. After taking its pictures they are parked in the protected area. The high-value vehicles are directly covered by our cargo insurance and our enhanced security standards surely demonstrate our commitment to our clients’ interests.”

The Coop wishes Con-Truck Shipping the very best for their future endeavours!