Kopf + Lübben’s airfreight team successfully executes a high-stakes project shipment to Mexico

They have recently accomplished the transportation of an out-of-gauge electromagnetic drum separator to its destination in Mexico

Kopf + Lübben GmbH, founding Coop member in Bremen, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, Germany, has moved an OOG project shipment consisting of an electromagnetic drum separator from Germany to Mexico. They had to move the cargo urgently to avoid a production standstill.

According to Johan Padding, the Managing Director of Kopf + Lübben, “Under the leadership of Adam Hoffmann, our airfreight team orchestrated a meticulously planned operation to ensure the timely delivery of this critical piece of machinery. Additionally, the sheer weight and dimensions of the magnetic drum posed a formidable challenge, necessitating innovative solutions and close collaboration among various stakeholders.”

Kopf+Lubben - The Cooperative - Airfreight
Kopf+Lubben – The Cooperative – Airfreight


The complexity of the project required a multi-faceted approach. Their team not only efficiently coordinated the transportation from the point of origin but also ensured the flawless execution of the delicate loading process onto the freighter in Luxembourg. Moreover, the timely transportation of the cargo was made possible by the team’s strong relationship with the airline, which enabled them to accommodate the client’s unique requirements.

Congratulations to Kopf & Lübben GmbH for the successful execution of this project!

Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services ships 11 luxury German sports cars to Australia

The cargo consisting of 11 Porsche Panamera was moved from Stuttgart, Germany, to Melbourne, Australia, by close coordination with their network partner in Hamburg

Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services, a Coop member in Bremen, Hamburg, and Frankfurt, has recently transported 11 Porsche Panameras from a loading address in Stuttgart to Port Melbourne, Australia.

international logistics service providerThey arranged the booking with the carrier and agreed on the special requirements for the loading procedure with the shipper.

Kopf + Lübben got in touch with their Coop partner in Hamburg, Con-Truck, to arrange for the pick-up of the vehicles and stuffing in standard containers. Their core business is transport and stuffing of cars which is why they had the expertise and necessary network and could guarantee smooth handling.

In the words of Michael Guttrof, one of the Managing Directors of Kopf + Lübben, “The collection of these premium vehicles in closed trucks was obligatory. Therefore, the transport was carried out with a special truck which is not only closed but can also be extended to load 6 cars instead of only 5. This meant we merely needed 2 trucks instead of 3 and were able to save a huge amount of costs for our customer.”

Once Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services had delivered the cars to the warehouse, they were immediately stuffed into 5×40’ and 1×20’ containers the same day and trucked to the export terminal.

“We are proud to report that the reliable partnership between Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services and Con-Truck stems from the last two Annual Meetings of The Cooperative Logistics Network and various transports we already carried out together,” adds Mr. Guttrof.

international logistics service provider
Coom member Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services transports 11 Porsche Panameras from Stuttgart to Port Melbourne

Congratulations to Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services for the flawless execution of this significant project!

Express Air Freight, Kopf + Lubben, Mira Transport Services, Three Aces Global, Headway and The Solution sponsor The Coop’s 1st Virtual Meeting

The Conference will be held on the cloud from 4th to 5th November

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic which has prompted the authorities all around the world to severely restrict international travel and group gatherings, The Cooperative Logistics Network has decided to organize their First Meeting online in order to enhance accessibility and inclusion by eliminating all the obstacles to participation.

In this context, The Cooperative is proud to partner with these members to sponsor the activities during its Event.

best freight forwarder network
Members of The COOP sponsor its first Virtual Meeting

Express Air Freight was formed in 1990. With its ability to meet tight time constraints, deadlines, its service to a multitude of industries, and its skilled and experienced workforce, they offer exceptional services to their clients from several industries.

Kopf + Lubben GMBH, a Coop member in Frankfurt, Bremen, and Hamburg, has been offering ‘future proof transport solutions’ for their clients in Germany and beyond. With over 40 years of experience in air/sea and land transport, Kopf + Lubben is also offering services in the fields of e-commerce.

3 Aces Global, a Coop member in Delhi, India, has over 3 decades of market experience and is one of the most prominent multi-modal logistics companies in New Delhi, India. Apart from freight forwarding they also offer customs broker services and are a member of IATA, DCCAA, FIATA, and ACCAI.

Headway, a Coop member in Hanoi, Vietnam, was established back in 2003 with the express objective of providing ‘value-added transport’ solutions. The Headway team comes with an in-depth knowledge of the industry that allows them to offer the best and most cost-effective shipping solutions for their clients.

Mira Transport, a Coop member in New York, is a distinguished player in the field of international freight forwarding. They offer their clients first-rate transport services and strong global coverage. They are committed to the convenience of their clients who are always kept informed about every aspect of the shipment.

The Solution, a Coop member in Genoa, Italy, is known for providing optimal transport solutions for air/rail/sea/road freight. They provide quality supply chain services for their customers at an affordable rate. Their hallmark constitutes their exceptional ability to handle every minute detail of their customers.

This sponsorship will consist of an acknowledgment of each member during the Official Opening and Presentation by Director Antonio Torres along with the display of their logo in Brochures, Newsletter, and on the Sponsor Section of our website. Moreover, sponsors also get Priority Access to the One-to-One Meeting Scheduler, social media promotion, and branding on registration pages and banner on The Cooperative’s website.