Dingqiao Shipping Ltd. carries out the transportation of a 40 RF container shipment

The Coop member in Ningbo, China, successfully delivers an enormous cargo to their clients in Sihanoukville

Coop member in Ningbo, China
Coop member in Ningbo, China

Dingqiao Shipping, one of the top freight forwarders in Ningbo, China has proved their mettle by transporting a gigantic machinery from Ningbo to Sihanoukville. The 40 RF container shipment which was loaded with the help of a special trucker made it to the destination right on time.

In the words of Susan, Oversea Manager of Dingqiao Shipping: “This had been a vital project and our team put forward their very best to get the job done in the most efficient manner. I would like to thank all my team mates for their hard work, innovative approach and professionalism which led to the successful completion of this important project.”

Congratulations to Dingqiao Shipping Ltd for a job well done!

For shipment requirements to/from Ningbo, China, make sure to contact their team.

An outstanding feat by Ningbo Dingqiao International Forwarding!

Coop Ningbo ships a 40 RF Container to Yangon, Myanmar 

On the 13th of November Ningbo Dingqiao International Forwarding Co Ltd successfully delivered a 40 RF container from the Ningbo Port, China, to Yangon, Myanmar. In order to handle a shipment of this enormous size they made use of a special truck for loading and downloading.

According to Susan, Ningbo Dingqiao Overseas Manager “Delivering this colossal shipment has majorly boosted the confidence of our team. We look forward to handling more such complex projects in the future.”

The shipment mainly consisted of steam boilers, which were fastened with special wire ropes in order to transport them to Yangon. Shipping this gargantuan cargo was a challenging task which was managed perfectly by Ningbo’s team.

Hearty congratulations to Ningbo Dingqiao International Forwarding Co Ltd for their outstanding achievement!