Sonic Interfreight becomes a listed company on the 1st Trading Day IPO at the Thailand Stock Market

Sonic Interfreight, a Coop member in Bangkok, Thailand, also has a very ambitious plan of expansion this year


Sonic Interfreight Public Company, which comes with more than 20 years of experience in the logistics industry, has now become a listed company in the Thailand Stock Market.

“Today is a very happy day for all Sonic’s staff because it’s 1st Trading Day IPO at The Stock Market in Thailand. We have loads of plan to expand our business here in Thailand in next year,” says Will Unaron, Global Partners Executive of Sonic Interfreight Public Company.

Some of their strategies to expand their company include the renovation and development of the three warehouses they own so as to prepare them for greater volumes while making use of the most sophisticated technologies.

They are also planning on purchasing more haulage and chassis to support their projects, as well as aiming to buy more land at Laem Chabang in order todeveloptheir business in the East of Thailand. Moreover, they intend to further develop their IT systems to provide robust and hassle-free services to all their clients and partners.

The Coop wishes the very best to Sonic Interfreight for all their future projects!