Boschmans Steinacher BV moves to a new office in Binnenvaert, Antwerp

Their new office which is situated in a well-connected area is close to the port and comes in a brand new building

Boschmans Steinacher BV,  a Coop member in Antwerp, Belgium, has relocated to a new office. After spending over 40 years in their office at Meterenkaai, they have finally shifted to a brand new workspace at Biennenvaert, Antwerp. All their staff have moved and they are already fully operational at this new location. The phone numbers and email addresses of all their employees have remained the same.

Boschmans Steinacher

As stated by Gert Wouters, Export & Sales Manager of Boschmans Steinacher, “Our brand new office offers better mobility while the coffee corners, break rooms and the latest technology ensure enhanced workplace experience for our employees. Additionally, the biggest plus is the proximity of the port. And on top of this, we are still close to the city centre, which is ideal!”

Previously their team was physically separated between the 1st and 6th floor. This fact combined with the advanced age of the former building and the terrible mobility in the city centre of Antwerp prompted them to move to this newly built office. Now the whole team is together, which results in smoother communication and cooperation among colleagues. Thanks to this, the interaction between the whole team of Boschmans Steinacher has improved and there is more social contact between colleagues.

Congratulations to Boschmans Steinacher BV all the best for their upcoming projects!