Equador signs trade agreement with EU

Surtax S.A., The Coop agent in Quito and Guayaquil, wants to share with the rest of the network the newly signed trade agreement between Ecuador and the European Union

This agreement is a milestone in the relations between Ecuador and the EU as it will open up markets on both sides and increase stability for traders and investors.

Soon both parties will start benefiting from:
✓ Easier access of Ecuadorian products to Europe
✓ Increasing exports of shrimp, fish, banana, cocoa, flowers and other products
✓ Tax reduction of imported products from Europe
✓ Incentives for investments of both parties

According to EU sources, EU exporters will save at least EUR106 million in tariffs annually, and Ecuadorian exports will save up to EUR248 million in removed duties.

For any shipments to/from Ecuador, please contact Surtax S.A.