Swift Freight enjoys successful Annual Meeting

As 2015 drew to a close, SWIFT FREIGHT INTERNATIONAL LTD., Dhaka, held its Annual Meeting at The Hotel Swiss Garden Dhaka; bringing together both management and staff across all offices to review the year and announce exciting plans for the 2016


“At SWIFT, we feel it’s important to review the year and particularly discuss any mistakes we may have made to ensure that they are not repeated; it’s all about giving our clients the best service we can,” said A.K.M. Tarikul Islam, Customer Service Manager.

“On a positive note, our Sales guys who had exceeded their yearly targets were awarded with a 25% sales commission and overall employees shared in company profits; we also rewarded our Best Performer for 2015 handsomely” he continued.

For 2016, the team announced that the company would be renewing its focus on partnerships within The COOP and that a recruitment process was underway in the Sales Department with a new 1 month training program being launched for new employees.

“It’s so important that our team is well trained, highly professional and knowledgeable, our new training programme will assist us in this” said Mr Islam.

The COOP would like to congratulate SWIFT on a successful meeting and invite members with shipments in Dhaka to get in touch with the team.  

New member in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Coop is proud to welcome its newest member in Dhaka Bangladesh

Key Contact Names: Shaikh Faridul Islam

Website: www.swift-freight.com

Company founded in: 1999

Members requiring assistance with shipments in Dhaka, Bangladesh are invited to get in touch with the SWIFT FREIGHT INTERNATIONAL LTD. team.