The Coop’s 4th Annual Meeting sets new attendance record

173 agents from more than 90 cities and 50 countries came together in the Malaysian capital to attend the 4th Annual Meeting of The Cooperative Logistics Network. Taking place from 10th -12thMarch 2018, the event saw its largest attendance by far to date

In the words of Antonio Torres, Manager Director of The Cooperative Logistics Network, “With years of experience in the industry, the network continues to expand every year as more and more members attend our annual conference. This year especially, we set a new record, as The Coop’s 4th Annual Meeting recorded its highest attendance ever. The members were thoroughly impressed with the meeting and are sure to return to their respective cities with plenty of new business prospects in hand.”

The Annual Meeting saw the coming together of agents representing every major seaport and airport worldwide, who got to interact face-to-face and plan strategies for enhanced business opportunities for the coming months.Members participated in over 5,760 one-to-one meetings, which are set up to allow the development of new relationships, build on established ones, and help companies promote themselves effectively.

Apart from the networking sessions and the scheduled one-to-one meetings, highlights of the meeting included a welcome cocktail party and a gala dinner.

The Coop, which was formed just 4 years ago, already has 280 agents covering 127 countries. Mutual cooperation and teamwork are the two guiding principles of The Coop, whose members are committed to exchanging their shipments with fellow members across the globe.

In the words of one COOP member, “The benefit of COOP for us is having qualified partners all over the world and meeting them personally through one-to-one meetings. The majority are mid-sized companies like us, with a common interest.

All prepared for the 4th Annual Meeting which expects its largest attendance by far to date

The Coop members are all set to come together for the Coop’s 4th Annual Meeting to be held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

COOP members from more than 50 countries and 100 cities will be staying at the fabulous city of Kuala Lumpur from the 10th to 12th of March for attending The Coop’s 4th Annual Meeting. After the onsite registration, there is going to be a Welcome Cocktail Reception for the delegates and their spouses. The 2nd day of the meeting would start with the official opening ceremony during which The Coop Director, Antonio Torres will be presenting the welcome speech.

Delegates have already scheduled around 4000 One-to-One meetings with fellow agents from almost every corner of the globe. During the three days of the meeting, the delegates will get a chance to promote their companies, strengthen their ties with partners and do the groundwork for securing plenty of new business deals. On the evening of the 2nd day of the meeting, the agents will be taken to one of the best eateries of the city where they will be treated to a fabulous dinner. After a packed one-to-one meeting schedule on the 3rd day, the conference will come to a closure.

After attending The Coop’s 3rd Annual Meeting held last year at Bangkok, Ms. Dalia Cordova of Integral Chile, Santiago, had commented that, “It is very important to participate in the meetings, because it is very different to do business with a person you can talk face to face to. So, I think that it is most important to participate in the meetings.” It can confidently be stated that The Coop’s 4th Annual Meeting is going to be an even greater success and that it would greatly boost the productivity of the respective members.