All set for The Coop’s 5th Annual Meeting at Abu Dhabi!

Over 185 Coop members from all around the world are getting ready to fly to Abu Dhabi to attend The Coop’s 5th Annual Meeting at the Intercontinental Hotel

The Cooperative’s 5th Annual Meeting at Abu Dhabi, UAE will be held from the 9th -11th of March, 2019, at the Intercontinental Abu Dhabi. The meeting will bring together all the members under one roof and allow them to acquaint themselves with their network partners while promoting their businesses and making way for numerous collaborative projects in the future.

The delegates have already scheduled their one-to-one meetings with preferred members within the network, where they will have candid business talks with their network partners while discussing the prospect of collaboration in the coming months. The highlight of this year’s meeting will include a personal demonstration of The Coop’s new online tool FreightViewer which will relieve the agents from the strenuous task of quote preparation and allow them to come up with an accurate and professional quotation for their clients and partners within less than 1 minute.

The meeting will also allow the members to meet under less formal circumstances during the welcome cocktail reception, gala dinner party, and the coffee breaks. On the second evening of the meeting, agents and their spouses will be treated at the Byblos Sur Mer restaurant, a Lebanese eatery at the Intercontinental.

After the closure of last year’s Annual Meeting, a member from Germany commented, “It is very important to participate in the meetings because it is very different to do business with a person unless you can talk face to face. Participating in the Coop Annual Meeting greatly helped us in securing many new businesses from our partners within the network,” It goes without saying that, our upcoming Annual Meeting at Abu Dhabi is going to be an even greater success and allow the members to boost their productivity and grow their businesses.

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!