New Coop Member in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Coop is proud to welcome its newest member in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Key Contact Name: Carl Haspels



Company founded in: 2004

Members requiring assistance with shipments in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) are invited to get in touch with the AIRCARGO.NL team.

You may find all their contact details in the Network Directory.


C-Log worldwide transports a shipment of massive dimensions from The Netherlands To Doha

The Coop Rotterdam recently moved 2 pieces of 14,300 Kg shipment in total

Coop member in Rotterdam
Coop member in Rotterdam

C-Log Worldwide, Coop member in Rotterdam once again proves their worth by successfully delivering a gigantic shipment from Etten-Leur (The Netherlands) to Doha. The 2 pieces of shipment which weight a whopping 14,300 Kg has a dimension of 10.00 x 2.35 x 4.08 meters.


The shipment was transferred from Etten-Leur to Rotterdam port in low loader trucks. In Rotterdam the cargo had been lashed, secured and shrink wrapped onto 2 x 40 feet flat rack containers by their dedicated lashing company. Finally, the containers were moved from the lashing company to export terminal by barge before being shipped off to Doha.


We are really happy with the achievements of our member in Rotterdam and we wish C-Log the very best for the future!


For shipments to/from Rotterdam don’t hesitate to get in touch with them.