The Coop held inaugural Annual Meeting in Bangkok: 3PL News

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Bangkok -141 delegates gathered for the inaugural annual meeting of The Cooperative Logistics Network (The COOP), 10th-12th May

A record number of delegates for a first conference, 141 delegates from 47 countries, made the journey to Thailand. “Considering what other networks have managed at their initial conferences, this number is a great achievement,” said Antonio Torres, the brains behind this freight forwarding network.



With a successful exclusive network already in operation, CONQUEROR FREIGHT NETWORK, Antonio Torres took the decision to launch a new capped non-exclusive network which would offer agents the same quality partners and financial security as that of an exclusive one.

“Many freight forwarders like the autonomy that a non-exclusive network brings but so often, they don’t enjoy the same financial security and quality partners as they would in an exclusive one. The COOP is different; agents get quality partners and financial security coupled with the freedom to choose who they work with,” explained Mr Torres.

The COOP is part of a new generation of networks which are empowering and mobilizing independent freight forwarders to work together as global ‘mega-forwarders.’

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