Handle with care

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TSI Internationale Spedition und Handels GmbH, a COOP representative in Frankfurt, is part way through a project on behalf of a museum in Corning New Jersey, USA. Part one already completed last year, the most recent stage consisted of glass windows packed into seaworthy crates, as well as 15 x 40ft OT (over-height up to 340cm) and 1 x 20ft OT of airfreight.

“As I’m sure many agents will know, shipping oversize items to the USA can be a bit of a headache and of course the windows could neither be delivered too soon nor too late as this was a brand new building,” explained Uwe Schaedler, Managing Director. He continued, “So with some careful planning from our team with regards to permits in both Germany and the USA, we were able to get the timing and just right”.

With another good job under their belts, the TSI Internationale Spedition und Handels GmbH team will be handling the final part of this shipment shortly, the planning already under way.

We invite all members with shipments from or to Germany by air or ocean to get in touch with the team.


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