Fans for Metro Santiago

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Chilean Coop Member, Integral Chile, has successfully shipped their first shipment of fans for the Chilean Subway development. The fans are part of the project to expand the network of Metro in Santiago, one of the most modern in Latin America. This project is taking place between July and December with a total of 28 Fans, 32×20’std, 25 monthly containers with accessories and spare parts.

The team are providing the service under DAP conditions.. The fans are oversized units which are being shipped to the port of San Antonio in break bulk service ships coming from Manzanillo, Mexico. Due to the DAP conditions, supervision of unloading and maneuvers in port, transport to the city of Santiago on flatbed trucks, unloading and unpacking in the maintenance importer’s facilities are all part of the service.

As part of this shipment, Integral Chile is also in partnership with one of the largest ventilation companies in Europe (in the industrial sector).

If you are looking for a company in Chile to handle your oversized shipment, why not get in touch with the COOP member Integral Chile.