Integral Chile updates their national courier service

To facilitate their new operations they are also investing in improving their fleet

Integral Chile, a Coop member in Santiago, Chile, is all set to upgrade its national courier service which will greatly augment the scope of their operations. They are also adding to their existing fleet and including the latest models of the vehicles. In the last 29 years, they have transported cargo between the north and south daily and their expert team has made delivery within the shortest possible time.

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Coop member in Santiago, Integral Chile upgrades its national courier service to improve their freight services

During the entire period of confinement, they had adapted to the new circumstances and managed their operations to continue providing value-added services to their clients. “Today we are very happy and proud to introduce you our upgraded national courier service. We are improving our fleet of vehicles and also incorporating new models which will enable us to transport cargoes of most kinds and sizes,” says Paula Salinas from Integral Chile.

Congratulations to Integral Chile on their new venture and wishing them the best for the future!


Integral Chile handles the transportation of heavy machinery meant for the construction of the future largest bridge in Latin America

In the middle of the lockdown they have transported a total of 158 tons of cargo from Southern Chile to the Valparaiso Port

Integral Chile, a Coop member in Santiago, Chile, has moved over 150 tons of heavy machinery to be used for the construction of the Chacao Bridge, which will connect the big island of Chiloe with the mainland and is going to be the longest bridge in Latin America, with a length of almost 3 kilometres. In the words of Ms. Paula Salinas, the Commercial Development Analyst of Integral Chile, “We transported the heavy load from the South of Chile to the Port of Valparaiso which required a police escort.”

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The last shipment weighed 150 tons and consisted of 1 Hydrohammer of 64 tons, 1 Sleeve of 62 tons, 2 Powerpacks of 10.5 tons each, and 1 x 20 SOC of 10 tons. Ms. Salinas further adds, “Despite the COVID-19 setback, our team is fully operational, and we are transporting all our cargo as usual thus keeping the foreign trade running. We are capable of continuing our operations even in total confinement and our team is committed to share projects with our fellow Coop members!”

Congratulations to Integral Chile for handling this important project!

Integral Chile will be present at the FIDAE

FIDAE 2020, which will be held from 31st March to 5th April at the Arturo Merino Benitez Airport in Santiago, Chile, is the foremost aerospace, defence, and security exhibition of Latin America

Integral Chile SA, a Coop member in Santiago, Chile, a company with considerable experience in handling the logistical aspects of trade fairs will be in charge of various jobs related to this International Trade Fair. The International Air and Space Fair, (FIDAE) is one of the most prominent aerospace, defence and security exhibitions of Latin America which is presently enjoying international recognition thus becoming the foremost exhibition in the region. In the words of Ms. Elena Zapata, the General Manager of Integral Chile, “Our team which has been associated with this fair since the beginning, is in charge of several aspects of the fair including trucking, packaging, temporary admissions, warehousing, import of promotional materials and other miscellaneous services.”

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The exhibition which will be attended by 533 exhibiting companies from 59 countries will have 11 official conferences and over 2500 meetings held in the course of the 6 days. The mission of this exhibition is to “plan organize and execute biennially an exhibition of international level, oriented to promote the development of the aerospace industry, defence and security, with the purpose of giving opportunities of technological and commercial exchange to the organizations that participate and to generate a greater aeronautical conscience on the part of the national community.”

Those Coop members willing to take part in this event are encouraged to contact Integral Chile for all their logistical requirements.

Chile will play host to two of the most important fairs in Latin America- The FIDAE 2018 and The Expomin 2018

Integral Chile, the Coop member in Santiago, will be able to handle the logistical requirements for participants in these fairs

The FIDAE 2018, and the EXPOMIN 2018 which will both be held in the city of Santiago are two of the most important trade fairs of the continent. More than 2500 companies from all over the world are exhibiting in these fairs, not counting the visitors.

The FIDAE 2018, one of the foremost international air and space exhibition will be held at the Arturo Merino Benitez Airport in Santiago from the 3rd to the 8th of April 2018. Over the last few years, this fair has come up as one of the most important aerospace, security and defence exhibitions in the continent.

The EXPOMIN is one of the most important trade fairs in the international mining industry which is attended by the top mining companies, the industry experts and decision makers along with scientists, students and other professionals of the industry. The exhibition which will be held at the Espacio Riesco in the city of Santiago will take place from the 23rd of April until the 27th of April 2018.

In the words of Paola Siri, Commercial Manager of Integral Chile “We understand that having a dependable partner for participating in this kind of events is an absolute must. With years of experience in operating in similar events, we are a trusted partner for all kinds of services related to temporary admissions, imports of brochures and merchandises, warehousing, packing and unpacking, the return of merchandises to their point of origin or the next destination or any other requirement that you might have. Choosing us gives our clients the much-needed peace of mind allowing them to focus entirely on the event while leaving the troublesome tasks in the good hands of our experts.”

The Coop members who are willing to take part in any of these exhibitions are encouraged to contact Integral Chile for all their logistical requirements.

Paola Siri

Integral Chile obtains a certificate for their excellent services in medicinal products transportation

Coop Santiago, specialized in transport of medicinal products, gets the esteemed certification by SGS Chile Ltda

On 9th November 2017, Integral Chile, Coop member in Santiago, received the certificate for Good Distribution Practices of Medicinal Products for Human Use certificate by SGS Chile – one of the world’s leading testing, inspection and verification companies.

This Certification is a prove of their expertise and professionalism, which would allow them to further develop the Pharma Transport Business within and outside Chile, turning them into a reliable partner for handling Human Use products.

In the words of Dalia Cordova, CEO of Integral Chile, “I am so glad that Integral Chile has been recognized by GDP Certification. This effective quality management system will help to demonstrate that the processes and procedures are controlled by a staff trained in the subject of GDP and sub-contractor management so as to ensure that the required standards are maintained throughout the supply chain.”

Dalia Cordova further adds “I want to thank the customers, suppliers, agents and all our team. This would never have been possible without the support of our General Manager Miss Elena Zapata and our specialist Mr. Jesus Gonzalez who worked very hard to get the certification and offer this advantage to all our clients and agents worldwide.”

We would like to congratulate Integral Chile for obtaining this prestigious certificate.

For shipments to/from Santiago, Chile, make sure to contact their team:

Dalia Cordova

Fans for Metro Santiago

Chilean Coop Member, Integral Chile, has successfully shipped their first shipment of fans for the Chilean Subway development. The fans are part of the project to expand the network of Metro in Santiago, one of the most modern in Latin America. This project is taking place between July and December with a total of 28 Fans, 32×20’std, 25 monthly containers with accessories and spare parts.

The team are providing the service under DAP conditions.. The fans are oversized units which are being shipped to the port of San Antonio in break bulk service ships coming from Manzanillo, Mexico. Due to the DAP conditions, supervision of unloading and maneuvers in port, transport to the city of Santiago on flatbed trucks, unloading and unpacking in the maintenance importer’s facilities are all part of the service.

As part of this shipment, Integral Chile is also in partnership with one of the largest ventilation companies in Europe (in the industrial sector).

If you are looking for a company in Chile to handle your oversized shipment, why not get in touch with the COOP member Integral Chile.


Cementing Success

INTEGRAL CHILE SA, a member of THE COOP in Santiago, Chile recently finished a significant project for a drilling company “Cementation Sudamericana” shipping a Raise Drill (1.12MT) from Chile to Canada using OT containers & flatbed



“This was a great opportunity for our team to demonstrate our wealth of experience and our ability to manage projects of varying sizes as well as showing off the high level of professionalism our team operates with,” said Lorena Silva, Traffic Manager at INTEGRAL. 

Lorena continued, “We invite our fellow members with shipments in Santiago to get in touch with us. Our goal is to grow and develop our business alongside those of our partners. As always, our partners will be treated like important clients not just partners.