Integral Chile completes 30 years in business

They celebrated their 30th anniversary with a special event held at the Viña Mar Vineyard, in the Casablanca Valley, central Chile

Integral Chile- independent freight forwarder
Integral Chile’s 30th Anniversary
Integral Chile, a Coop member in Santiago, Chile, recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. They organized an event at the Viña Mar Vineyard, in the Casablanca Valley, in central Chile. The event was attended by their employees from their national and international divisions from Santiago and Antofagasta.

On this day, the Integral Chile team made a tour of the vineyard learning about the process of producing their wines. The event concluded with a lunch and a wine tasting. In the words of Elena Zapata the General Manager of Integral Chile, “Members of the board of directors connected from the US and recognized and awarded those employees who have distinguished themselves with qualities that represent the values ​​of Integral Chile. Both the most experienced collaborators and the new talents have taken the company to the leadership position it currently has.”

After starting its operations in 1992, they soon created a national cargo division. In addition to handling general cargo, over time the company has specialized in other areas. These include project and special cargo, AoG or time-critical cargo, show business, pharma, and others that require complex coordination.

Integral Chile- independent freight forwarder
The Integral Chile team


Their domestic division has its own fleet of vehicles and certified transportation suppliers. Moreover, they regularly send out daily consolidated shipments to the main cities of Chile. “Our objective is to provide a global and innovative approach to logistics and transport engineering. Furthermore, we stand out for our flexibility, customized service, and for providing the most efficient transport solution,” points out Rodrigo Izquierdo, the Deputy General Manager of Integral Chile.

Congratulations to Integral Chile and all the best for their upcoming projects!


Delpa Group celebrates their 25th anniversary

Since their inception in 1996, they have made substantial investments to enhance their services, and deliver seamless transportation solutions to their clients

Delpa Group, a Coop member in Santiago, Chile, has recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. They started as a freight forwarder in 1996. Soon they began the expansion of their services in Latin America, and became the first company to establish weekly land transport services from Brazil and Argentina to Chile.

To quote Daniel Urra, the President of Delpa Group, “We celebrated our anniversary by changing our corporate image. We want all our clients and the world to know that we are celebrating and that we continue to move forward as a company. In the last 25 years, we have come up as one of the best land cargo transportation companies in Latin America. Moreover, another great milestone has been the incorporation of new technologies to automate our work processes.”

Delpa Group-independent freight forwarders
Delpa Group’s 25th Anniversary


For 25 years, they have worked with a strategic plan which they have been able to achieve progressively and successfully. Delpa Group presently has offices in 11 countries in addition to their branch offices in Chile. After working with several large national and multinational brands, they understood the importance of digitizing their operations. They have created their own CRM and constantly invest in state-of-the-art technologies that improve the productivity of their logistics processes.

“The scenario of the world economy has changed and we have had to adapt to the paradigm shift of how users buy. Additionally, we need to be updated with the new technologies that have been developed, with the time that we must spend in the dispatch of merchandise, and lastly with the logistics communication process to fulfill the expectations of all our customers,” adds Mr. Urra.

Congratulations to Delpa Group on their 25th Anniversary and all the best for the future!


Integral Chile updates their national courier service

To facilitate their new operations they are also investing in improving their fleet

Integral Chile, a Coop member in Santiago, Chile, is all set to upgrade its national courier service which will greatly augment the scope of their operations. They are also adding to their existing fleet and including the latest models of the vehicles. In the last 29 years, they have transported cargo between the north and south daily and their expert team has made delivery within the shortest possible time.

international logistics service provider
Coop member in Santiago, Integral Chile upgrades its national courier service to improve their freight services

During the entire period of confinement, they had adapted to the new circumstances and managed their operations to continue providing value-added services to their clients. “Today we are very happy and proud to introduce you our upgraded national courier service. We are improving our fleet of vehicles and also incorporating new models which will enable us to transport cargoes of most kinds and sizes,” says Paula Salinas from Integral Chile.

Congratulations to Integral Chile on their new venture and wishing them the best for the future!


Integral Chile handles the transportation of heavy machinery meant for the construction of the future largest bridge in Latin America

In the middle of the lockdown they have transported a total of 158 tons of cargo from Southern Chile to the Valparaiso Port

Integral Chile, a Coop member in Santiago, Chile, has moved over 150 tons of heavy machinery to be used for the construction of the Chacao Bridge, which will connect the big island of Chiloe with the mainland and is going to be the longest bridge in Latin America, with a length of almost 3 kilometres. In the words of Ms. Paula Salinas, the Commercial Development Analyst of Integral Chile, “We transported the heavy load from the South of Chile to the Port of Valparaiso which required a police escort.”

international logistics service provider

The last shipment weighed 150 tons and consisted of 1 Hydrohammer of 64 tons, 1 Sleeve of 62 tons, 2 Powerpacks of 10.5 tons each, and 1 x 20 SOC of 10 tons. Ms. Salinas further adds, “Despite the COVID-19 setback, our team is fully operational, and we are transporting all our cargo as usual thus keeping the foreign trade running. We are capable of continuing our operations even in total confinement and our team is committed to share projects with our fellow Coop members!”

Congratulations to Integral Chile for handling this important project!