E2E Supply Chain Management’s press machines shipment

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E2E Supply Chain Management Pte Ltd. a COOP member in Singapore, handled in 2016 2 complex shipments for press machines

The first one (see pictures 1, 2 and 3) consisted in transhipping a 100 tons press machine from Singapore to Barcelona, Spain for their Taiwanese client. The dimensions of the cargo were 5.60m x 2.75m x 4.10m. They stationed their operational staff at the conventional terminal to oversee the receiving/loading from the vessel to their low loader and also, from the low loader onto the mafi, after which loaded onto RORO vessel.
For the second one (see pictures 4, 5 and 6) they successfully shipped a huge press machine from Johor, Malaysia, to Shanghai, China for their Singapore based client, who needed to move it from one factory to another. In order to fit the 600-ton cargo into 4x40ft flat rack and 2x40ft HQ containers, the machinery was dismantled into parts. Each unit averaging from 5 tons to 30 tons and with a volume of about 141tons/180m3.

Their operational staff was stationed to oversee the receiving/loading from the production floor onto the containers including stowing, choking and lashing


For shipments to and from Singapore, why not contact their team:
Alam Lim