E2E Supply Chain Management moves a test bench of 26 tonnes

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They had to fabricate a skid capable of holding this unit for the seamless transportation of this shipment

E2E Supply Chain Management PTE LTD, a Coop member in Singapore, recently moved a test bench from Singapore to Texas. To move this RORO shipment they had to fabricate a skid and load the cargo onto the skid using 2 units of 55 tonnes crane on site. They lashed and choked the cargo to the skid before covering it with shrinkwrap and tarpaulin/canopy. Thereafter, it was transferred from the site to the conventional port by a low bed trailer due to over width. At the port, they used a 200 tons mobile crane to transfer from the low bed trailer to the Mafi trailer before lashing and choking. Finally, the Mafi was towed on board the RORO vessel.

Coop E2E-independent freight forwarder
Test Bench Shipment of E2E

The dimension of this cargo was 12.76m x 3.4m x 2.02m with a volume of 86cbm. Being quite a big skid, they required additional lashing and choking for ensuring the safety of the cargo.  Moreover, it also ensured general public/seafarers’ safety during the voyage and during the land transit in Singapore and Texas.

“The most challenging part of this shipment was to make sure that the skid could carry this over weight cargo. Moreover, we also had to arrange the loading of the unit on the skid, thereafter, onto the low bed trailer. Lastly, on arriving at the port we had to make sure that the mobile crane and lifting teams were on standby to offload onto the carrier’s Mafi. All these activities had to be pre-arranged and carried out simultaneously. Thanks to my teammates for demonstrating the utmost competence resulting in the successful execution of this project,” says Mr. Alan Lim, the CEO of E2E.

Congratulations to the E2E team for the successful execution of this complex project!