15 containers of brown sugar moved by Consolidacion Integrada from Guatemala to Korea

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They transported the cargo from Quetzal to Incheon Port by using dry containers

Consolidacion Integrada, a Coop member in Guatemala City, has recently moved 15 containers of sugar from Quetzal to Incheon Port via ocean freight. Guatemala is the world’s 5th largest sugar exporter. Since 2017, Guatemala has exported over 14 million metric tons of sugar becoming the 2nd largest sugar exporter in Latin America.

Consolidacion Integrada-logistics company
Sugar shipment by Consolidacion Integrada


The brown sugar was packed in bags before being loaded onto dry containers. In the words of Mr. Javier Giraldo, Manager of Consolidacion Integrada, “This shipment was challenging since it necessitated a lot of coordination and communication with the ocean carrier. However, our extensive experience in container shipping ensured the seamless execution of this project”.

Congratulations to Consolidacion Integrada and all the best for their upcoming projects!