New shipment of medical and humanitarian aid consisting of a mobile CT scanner moved by Alphatrans

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They moved this sensitive shipment in a special container from China to Ukraine via ocean freight and land transportation

Alphatrans Ltd- independent freight forwarder
Medical shipment by Alphatrans Ltd


Alphatrans Ltd, a Coop member in Odessa, Ukraine, recently concluded the successful delivery of a humanitarian shipment consisting of mobile computed tomography scanner. The cargo originated from China and was initially shipped to the port of Constanta, Bulgaria, before being further transported by Alphatrans Ltd to Ukraine.

The container itself was a complex module with a built-in CT scanner, which is designed for quick transportation to places where there is no stationary tomography equipment. The Managing Director of Alphatrans, Dimitry Balaban says, “The container was not a standard one, we had to ship it on a break bulk vessel, while we used a special semi-trailer for land transportation to the consignee’s destination.”

Alphatrans-medical shipment
Alphatrans-medical shipment


“We sincerely thank our customers for their trust in the delivery of such valuable cargo to our country,” he adds. Since its inception, Alphatrans has consistently provided assistance in delivering goods to customers within the medical industry. They have been coordinating the transportation of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and equipment, handling both commercial shipments and humanitarian aid.

Congratulations to Alphatrans Ltd for a job well executed!