Over 108 tons of frozen seafood products moved by Headway JSC on the Nha Trang – Mong Cai route

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Their customer demand for frozen goods transportation have increased particularly via the Mong Cai border gate

Headway JSC a Coop member in Hanoi, Haiphong, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, has recently moved more than 108 tons of cargo consisting of frozen seafood on the Nha Trang- Mong Cai route.

Headway JSC
Frozen seafood shipment by Headway JSC


To quote Felix Nguyen, the Managing Director of Headway JSC, “In general, through the achievements and development strategies in new markets, typically through Mong Cai border gate, Headway comprehensively meets the increasing demand of customers for transporting frozen goods, while creating conditions for sustainable development for Vietnam’s logistics to shine in the international market.”

Mr Nguyen further explains that according to a report from Mong Cai International Border Gate Management Board, as of June 15, 2023, the total weight of imported and exported goods through Mong Cai border gate reached nearly 753,000 tons, up 265% over the same period last year. “This opens up opportunities as well as poses great challenges for import-export enterprises and Vietnam’s transport industry to recover after a long period of hibernation due to the closure of borders,” he adds.

Headway is presently leveraging transportation routes that link the South to the North via the Mong Cai border gate. In addition to seaport and inland waterway systems, these routes contribute significantly to the rapid transit of goods between the Vietnamese and Chinese markets, helping to complete the supply chain of refrigerated goods through many different modes of transport.

Congratulations to Headway JSC and best of luck with their upcoming projects!