Alphatrans Ltd arranges the delivery of a LT Master press-wrapper

The 4.0 m high shipment was moved from Nikolaev, Ukraine to Port Qasim, Pakistan

Alphatrans Ltd, a Coop member in Odessa, Ukraine, has recently transported a shipment consisting of an LT Master press-wrapper from Ukraine all the way to Pakistan for relocation to new buyer. The dimensions of the press wrapper were 11550 x 2550 x 4000 mm. The vehicle was delivered to port on low-bed trailer, and then reloaded to 40′ Flat Rack container and delivered to the consignee by sea.

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In the words of Dmitriy Balaban, the Managing Director of Alphatrans, “Our team is satisfied with the outcome of this complicated project which required a lot of labour and careful attention on the part of our team. Credit goes to my competent team who have repeatedly made a success out of every project!”

Congratulations to Alphatrans Ltd for a job well done!


Alphatrans ventures into wildlife logistics and moves 4 lions from Ukraine to a national park in South Africa

The animals were rescued from a privately owned zoo in Ukraine where they were living in totally unclean conditions

Alphatrans Ltd, a Cooperative member in Odessa, Ukraine, moved three rescued lionesses from a private zoo in Ukraine to their natural habitat in the Kragga Kamma Game Park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The three lionesses called Luca, Charles and Kai, were living in squalid conditions in a 35 square meter steel cage without any sunlight or fresh air. The 2 months old lion cub called Nathan was rescued from a cruel circus trainer in Ukraine who meant to sell it off to a private zoo or circus. 

“All the animals were rescued by Lionel de Lange of The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organisation (LAEO) branch in Ukraine who built a temporary shelter of 280 square meters for the animals before preparing to move them to their permanent home in the forests of South Africa,” says Mr. Dimitriy Balaban, the Managing Director of Alphatrans.

All the lions were vaccinated, documented and chipped before being granted the CITES export certificate so that they could be moved to South Africa. Alphatrans arranged for shipment by air within the shortest possible transit time and under constant surveillance of veterinarians. Mr. Balaban added, “This had been a very special shipment for us and our team has once again proved that we can move anything and everything no matter if it is a project cargo or a shipment consisting of lions! We are really delighted that we could bring the lions safely back to their home in South Africa,”

Congratulations to Alphatrans for moving this extraordinary cargo!

Alphatrans successfully handles a shipment of 4 Liebherr wheel loader L580 vehicles

Coop member in Odessa, Ukraine, arranged all the transportation services to safely hand over the shipment to the consignee

Alphatrans Ltd., which has been offering reliable and cost-effective door to door multimodal transport services since 2001, has recently performed the delivery of 4 Liebherr Wheel Loader L580 vehicles. Alphatrans was in charge of arranging all the port formalities, import customs clearance, unloading of the vehicles from Flat Rack containers, loading them on trailers and lashing them, and finally the on-carriage from the port to the final destination.

In the words of Dmitriy Balaban, the Managing Director of Alphatrans: “All the operations of this shipment were done as per schedule and the cargo was safely handed over to the consignee. We are looking forward to more challenging projects in the future.”

Congratulations to Alphatrans LTD and wishing them the very best for their future activities.

For shipments to/from Odessa, make sure to get in touch with their team!

Dmitriy Balaban