The Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting will be held at Le Meridien Beach Resort in Phuket Thailand, in March 2023

The event which will take place from 11th – 13th March 2023 will include 6,000 one-to-one meetings among network members and also a corporate group tour with the attending delegates

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 6th Annual Meeting is all set to happen from 11th to 13th March 2023. Following a long wait of more than two years due to the pandemic, The Coop members will finally attend the in-person Annual Meeting at Le Meridien Beach Resort on the beautiful island of Phuket from 11th-13th March 2023. The upcoming Annual Meeting will help to reinforce the partnerships among network members and drive a substantial amount of business for the participating agents.

The Coop's 6th Annual Meeting for freight forwarders
The Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting


Some of the highlights of the meeting will include the Welcome Cocktail Reception, a Gala Dinner, Party, and 32 one-to-one meetings among the participating delegates. The one-to-one meetings would come with a personal touch which is extremely crucial for increasing the project volume of the member companies. They will allow members to sit face-to-face with their existing and would-be partners, showcase their company and hash out the details of their upcoming projects.

Additionally, this year The Coop has arranged for an optional sightseeing tour with the members to some of the most breathtaking locations at Phi Phi Island. The corporate day trip will help to break the ice among network members on the first day of the conference. Additionally, this relaxing trip will promote networking and help to build trust and friendship among the agents.

Registration for the Annual Meeting is now open. Visit our Annual Meeting page for further details about the conference.