Blue Sea Sun Shipping and Service Co. handles a break bulk project cargo shipments between Iran and Persian Gulf area

The Coop member in Tehran, Iran, is also supporting various ship owners for export purposes to China, India and the Persian Gulf countries

Apart from venturing into break bulk, project and bulk shipments, our member in Tehran, Iran has been supporting various ship owners including Iran Shipping Line, Trafalgar Shipping (Italy)and Nemeaship (Denmark). They are attending the ships in Iran and also fixing them for export of iron ore, clinker,and gypsum from Iran.

In the words of S.Gh.Ghaemi, General Manager of Blue Sea Sun Shipping and Service Co, “I would like to inform all my fellow Coop members that our team is now capable of supporting our partners with the best freight rate and fixtures. Just a week back we handled one ship with a size of 18,000 MTS at the load port at Bandar Abbas. Two months ago we monitored our ship, MV Em Ruby, to load 55,000 MTS iron ore from Bandar Abbas to China, and six months ago our ship, MV. BaouFlorish carried 50,000 MTS clinker from Bandar Bushehr, Iran to India. As a part of the Coop family in Iran, we are able to support all members for their bulk shipment requirements with our chartered ships”.

All the best to Blue Sea Sun Shipping and Service Co. for their future endeavours!

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