Channel Freight Services charters an Antonov -124 to move an ODC cargo

The shipment which consisted of chemical manufacturing machinery and pharmaceutical products was moved from Mumbai to Brasilia

logistics business partner
Coop member in Chennai Channel Freight Services ships an 85 ton cargo in a charter flight Mumbai to Brasilia

Channel Freight Services India Pvt Ltd, a Coop member in Chennai, India, has hauled a cargo of around 85 tons in a charter flight of Volga Dnepr Airline from Mumbai to Brasilia. The sheer dimension of the cargo necessitated the use of a flatbed trailer while transporting the cargo from the shipper’s location to Mumbai Airport.

logistics business partner
Coop member in Chennai Channel Freight Services ships an 85 ton cargo in a charter flight Mumbai to Brasilia

The Channel Freight team had to be extra cautious with moving the cargo as the rainy season added to their challenges. In the words of Prashant Chaturvedi, the General Manager of Channel Freight Services, “We had to cover a very long distance from the shipper’s site to BOM airport that too while it was raining. The shipper placed data loggers in the cargo therefore we had to be even more careful. I would like to congratulate my team for pulling off this challenging project without a hitch.”

Congratulations to Channel Freight Services for a job well done!


COOP agent in Ahmedabad and Mumbai encourages all members to use FreightViewer in order reduce time to quote and easily share rates between agents

Our member, Mr. Ajay Shukla, from Translog Express PVT LTD, has given very interesting suggestions to improve FreightViewer and make it even more useful

After the launch of The COOP’s exclusive software, FreightViewer Department has been receiving plenty of applications from our members to test the software and suggest its improvements. Ajay Shukla, Executive Director of Translog Express PVT LTD, has been collaborating with FreightViewer Department and is now willing to start to work with FreightViewer.

Ajay Shukla states: “FreightViewer is a very good tool and I think it will save a lot of time in quoting rates between agents, as once shared with each other the rates are available online,It also helps forwarders who do not have elaborate and expensive software to easily keep track of their quotes and approvals from their customers […] it will be extremely useful as trusted agents can share the rates and quote to their customer instantaneously” 

Our member, Ajay, has also suggested to have several detailed quotes in one page and a more simple solution for air rates. All these comments have been quite useful for FreightViewer Department and have helped us to improve the tool. Following our member’s statements, we are sure FreightViewer will enable all members of The COOP to reduce time to quote and save costs as it isa free tool for members.

FreightViewer Department will be happy to assist you if you may need any assistance with the use of the software or would like to know more about the system by scheduling a personalized demo, by contacting We will be happy to assist you.

Translog Express Private Limited have been accredited with AEO Certification

This prestigious certification was awarded by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India

Translog Express Private Limited, a Coop member in Ahmedabad and Mumbai, have recently received the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification by Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India under Logistics Operator (LO) category.

This certification was awarded in recognition and appreciation of their commitment to secure the International Supply Chain and in compliance with the World Customs Organisation SAFE Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade.

“As a service oriented company, compliance is vital to ensure optimum service and delivery and we at Translog Express in every aspect of our business from staff to carriage, are in line in accordance with the highest quality management system standards,” says Rakesh Kumar Gupta, Director of Translog Express. “This esteemed accreditation is sure to provide an impetus to our team and encourage them to put forth an even greater effort in all our future projects.” Mr. Gupta further added.

Congratulations to Translog Express Private Limited!

For shipment requirements to/from Mumbai and Ahmedabad, India, make sure to contact them

Three Aces Global Logistics celebrates their 30th Foundation Day

The Coop member in Delhi, India, continues to grow stronger after 3 decades in the freight forwarding market

Three Aces Global – a company which was formed back in 1989 – celebrated their 30th Year of Operations on the 15th of August. Known for their unparalleled customer servicing, Three Aces Global Logistics continues to have a strong presence in the international multi-modal logistics market. “Our years of experience along with our robust customer services are the two crucial factors which contributed to our growth and success in the last 30 years. Thanks to our broad base of customers and partners, we have successfully carved a niche place for ourselves in the Indian market,” says Mr Pankaj Agarwal, Director of Three Aces Global Logistics.

Three Aces Global has emerged as one of the leading freight forwarders and customer brokers in the subcontinent and their wide range of services covers door-to-door services of all kinds of cargo. Mr Agarwal has further stated, “Our dedicated team will keep striving to keep the clients satisfaction to the highest level. We also have plans to expand our branches to other cities in India.”

A very happy 30th Foundation Day to Three Aces Global from the entire Coop team!

Blue Sea Sun Shipping and Service Co. handles a break bulk project cargo shipments between Iran and Persian Gulf area

The Coop member in Tehran, Iran, is also supporting various ship owners for export purposes to China, India and the Persian Gulf countries

Apart from venturing into break bulk, project and bulk shipments, our member in Tehran, Iran has been supporting various ship owners including Iran Shipping Line, Trafalgar Shipping (Italy)and Nemeaship (Denmark). They are attending the ships in Iran and also fixing them for export of iron ore, clinker,and gypsum from Iran.

In the words of S.Gh.Ghaemi, General Manager of Blue Sea Sun Shipping and Service Co, “I would like to inform all my fellow Coop members that our team is now capable of supporting our partners with the best freight rate and fixtures. Just a week back we handled one ship with a size of 18,000 MTS at the load port at Bandar Abbas. Two months ago we monitored our ship, MV Em Ruby, to load 55,000 MTS iron ore from Bandar Abbas to China, and six months ago our ship, MV. BaouFlorish carried 50,000 MTS clinker from Bandar Bushehr, Iran to India. As a part of the Coop family in Iran, we are able to support all members for their bulk shipment requirements with our chartered ships”.

All the best to Blue Sea Sun Shipping and Service Co. for their future endeavours!

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Fercam Transportes Sa charters a boeing 747 plane for moving a DG cargo of 70000 KG

The Dangerous Goods cargo was transported from Madrid to Chennai

Fercam Transportes SA
Fercam Transportes SA

This month, Fercam Transportes SA has moved a cargo of 70,000 Kg from Madrid, Spain, to Chennai, India. The cargo which consisted of car batteries was moved by a Boeing 747 plane and it safely reached its destination on time.

In the words of Jesús García, Air & Ocean Freight Manager of Fercam Transportes in Spain, and Daniel Zamora as Air Freight Manager, “This has been a remarkable achievement for our team considering the size of the cargo and the fact that the cargo consisted of DG. Chartering the Boeing plane ensured that the car batteries reach its destination as swiftly and safely as possible.”

Congratulations to Fercam Transportes SA for their laudable achievement!


New member in Chennai, India

The Coop is proud to welcome its newest member in Chennai, India  

Key Contact Names: N. Meyyapan
Company founded in: 2012



Members requiring assistance with shipments in Chennai, India are invited to get in touch with the NRK FREIGHT FORWARDER PVT LTD team.