A Coop member in Barcelona, Spain, welcomes a new teammate

Fercam Transportes S.A. has been joined by a new member in the capacity of Commercial and Projects Manager

Fercam Transportes S.A., a Cooperative member in Barcelona, Spain, has been joined by a new team member, Mr. Rafael Sanz. Mr. Sanz who has more than 25 years of experience in the freight forwarding sector will be working at Fercam as the Commercial Manager and Overseer of Cargo Projects.

“I am very happy about joining Fercam, and I look forward to trying my very best to enhance the productivity of my new company. I am pretty confident about carrying on the job of Commercial and Project Manager with ease and my long years of experience in Cargo Projects is sure to be beneficial for my team,” says Mr. Sanz.

Wishing Fercam Transportes S.A. all the very best for their future projects!

Fercam Transportes Sa charters a boeing 747 plane for moving a DG cargo of 70000 KG

The Dangerous Goods cargo was transported from Madrid to Chennai

Fercam Transportes SA
Fercam Transportes SA

This month, Fercam Transportes SA has moved a cargo of 70,000 Kg from Madrid, Spain, to Chennai, India. The cargo which consisted of car batteries was moved by a Boeing 747 plane and it safely reached its destination on time.

In the words of Jesús García, Air & Ocean Freight Manager of Fercam Transportes in Spain, and Daniel Zamora as Air Freight Manager, “This has been a remarkable achievement for our team considering the size of the cargo and the fact that the cargo consisted of DG. Chartering the Boeing plane ensured that the car batteries reach its destination as swiftly and safely as possible.”

Congratulations to Fercam Transportes SA for their laudable achievement!