The September edition of The Coop’s quarterly newsletters has been published and available for viewing on the website

The fall edition of our newsletter comes with a special feature on The Coop’s 5th Anniversary along with all the news from within the network and pertinent news bits from the industry

We are glad to announce that the September edition of The Coop’s quarterly newsletter is finally out and can be viewed on The Coop’s website. We have included a special 5 pages feature on The Coop’s 5th Anniversary where many of the founding members of the network have commented on their experiences with The Coop family. Their fond remembrances of the Annual Meetings along with their reflections on the various beneficial aspects of being a part of the network will make for a delightful read! More testimonials from our founding members will be published in our December newsletter.

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This newsletter comes with all the latest updates about the achievements of the members, a member’s interview, along with relevant news from the industry. Moreover, we have also published further details about The Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting and the day trip to the Phi Phi Islands. Members who want to get the news about their company published in our upcoming newsletter are requested to send us a mail with a few lines about their newest undertakings.

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The June edition of The Coop’s newsletters has been published and can be viewed on the website

The newsletter is packed with information about our next Annual Meeting, the FreightViewer, along with relevant news from the sector and from within our network

We want to bring to your attention that the second edition of The Coop’s quarterly newsletter of 2019 has been published and is now available for viewing on our website. Here you’ll find information about the Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting in 2020, important news from the industry, more details about FreightViewer and of course the news about the achievement of our members in the last 3 months.

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We have also included a new section with a List of Public Holidays Worldwide where we have listed down all the public holidays across the major cities in all countries of the world in the next three months. This list has been created with the objective of keeping our members aware of the days off in several countries where they might be doing business in. Members are requested to take a quick look so as to avoid unwanted inconveniences for them or their partners.

Members who want to get the news of their company featured on our next newsletter, are requested to write to us about the latest accomplishments of their company and we will make a short news out of that and publish it on our website and on our upcoming newsletter.

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The spring edition of the Coop’s quarterly newsletter is in print!

The first edition of our 2019 newsletters will give you all the information about our conference at Abu Dhabi plus many interesting news bits from the network and the industry

We would like to bring to the attention of all our agents that the spring edition of Cooperative Logistics Network’s newsletter is now out and available for viewing on our website. This newsletter will bring you all the news updates about the Coop’s annual conference at Abu Dhabi which was attended by a record number of members. Apart from all the pertinent info about the meeting, you’ll also get to see the group photos taken during the meeting and the video of the highlights of our conference.

Moreover, as in all the previous newsletters, you’ll find all the news about the achievements of our members as well as a selection of news from the freight forwarding industry. We hope that glancing through the memoirs of our Annual Meeting at Abu Dhabi will help you relive the wonderful time we spent together and encourage you to join us for our next year’s meeting.

If you want your company to get featured in our next newsletter then don’t forget to send us a few lines about the latest achievements of your company. You will be able to access our latest newsletter by clicking on the following link:

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