KRS Logistics LLC handled the exceptional transportation of a trio of race horses

They air-lifted the race horses from Muscat to France for participation in the Paris Horse Race

KRS Logistics LLC, a Coop member in Dubai, UAE, recently moved a unique shipment of three racehorses. The racehorses which were meant for the Paris Horse Race were moved from Muscat to Paris, France.

“We have established ourselves as one of the best equi logistics service providers in Dubai and we made sure that this delicate live animal shipment got transported to its destination seamlessly,” says Shibu George, the CEO of KRS Logistics.

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Horse shipment via air freight


They facilitate the global transportation of horses from diverse destinations by utilizing top-tier airline services and premium IATA-recognized horse containers.

Congratulations to KRS Logistics and all the best for their upcoming projects!

For the 5th consecutive year, KRS Logistics becomes the logistics provider for the Formula D championship in the Middle East

They collected 24 cars & its accessories from around the world and returned the same to garages of the racers worldwide

KRS Logistics LLC, a Coop member in Dubai, UAE, was selected as the logistics provider for the Formula D Championship in the Middle East.

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COOP-KRS-Formula D Shipment
Their team collected the vehicles and accessories from the top 25 drifting drivers around the world and brought them to the race circuit.

Furthermore, they were also charged with returning the cargo to their garage at its origin after the championship was over.

Shibu George, the CEO of KRS Logistics says, “Our team flawlessly executed the intricate task of collecting 24 cars from various locations worldwide, transporting them to the event venue, and safely returning them to their respective destinations. This marked our fifth consecutive collaboration with this esteemed event, and we were thrilled to be part of it!”

Moreover, the expertise of KRS Logistics’ licensed team in lashing, securing, chocking, issuing lashing certificates, and coordinating police and security escorts played a vital role in efficiently managing this complex shipment.


Congratulations to KRS Logistics and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!





The new warehouse of The Vision Shipping LLC is now up and running!

A Coop member in Dubai, UAE, has expanded to open a new warehouse at the Jebel Ali Free Zone in the west of Dubai

The Vision Shipping LLC, a Coop member in Dubai, UAE, has recently opened up their brand new warehouse at the Jebel Ali Free Zone, in Dubai, UAE. The strategic location of their new warehouse is one major advantage which will allow them to get more cross trade businesses. 

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Apart from allowing them to provide reliable and faster services to their clients, the new warehouse will also enable them to expand their business and forge stronger business relationships with their clients and partners. “The new warehouse which is going to be the core of our business will help us offer integrated services for our clients. We will now be able to store the cargo of our clients safely while providing them with delivery services,” says Mr. Faizan Nizami, the Chartering Manager of The Vision Shipping LLC.

Heartiest congratulations to Vision Shipping LLC for their new warehouse!