KRS Logistics LLC handled the exceptional transportation of a trio of race horses

They air-lifted the race horses from Muscat to France for participation in the Paris Horse Race

KRS Logistics LLC, a Coop member in Dubai, UAE, recently moved a unique shipment of three racehorses. The racehorses which were meant for the Paris Horse Race were moved from Muscat to Paris, France.

“We have established ourselves as one of the best equi logistics service providers in Dubai and we made sure that this delicate live animal shipment got transported to its destination seamlessly,” says Shibu George, the CEO of KRS Logistics.

Coop News - KRS - Horse shipment
Horse shipment via air freight


They facilitate the global transportation of horses from diverse destinations by utilizing top-tier airline services and premium IATA-recognized horse containers.

Congratulations to KRS Logistics and all the best for their upcoming projects!

KRS Logistics undertakes the transportation of 27,000 tonnes drilling pipes projects from Singapore to the Middle East

They have completed the 1st vessel in March 2023 and the remaining 2 shipments will be sent during June and August respectively

KRS Logistics LLC, a Coop member in Dubai, UAE, is handling the movement of 27,000 tonnes of drilling pipes for a leading oil drilling company in the Arabian Gulf. The project consists of 3 charter vessels of which one has already been sent in March 2023. They will move the remaining 2 shipments during June and August respectively.

The pipes have a diameter of 30” & 24”,  a length of 14.50 meters, and weigh 4 to 8 MT each. The pipes which come from Korea are stored in Singapore and delivered to the threading factory on a daily basis.  On completion of 1000 pipes, KRS Logistics charters a vessel to Middle East for delivery.

“We have been continuously working on drilling pipes projects since 2016 and therefore we are confident about pulling off this shipment flawlessly,” says Shibu George, the CEO of KRS Logistics LLC.

The scope of the project includes receiving the cargo at the Jurong Port in Singapore, storing it at their contracted yard in Singapore, and delivering the plain end pipes to the threading factory. Finally, “we were responsible for collecting the threaded pipes back to the yard regularly, delivering them to the port when exporting, and arranging port handling, charter vessel and freight to the Middle East for delivery to the consignee”.

Congratulations to KRS Logistics LLC and all the best with this project!