Game set match!

As you know, good teamwork is one of the keys to success in this business both between different companies and amongst the staff within each of them; the right hand must trust, support and encourage the left and vice versa.

HEADWIN LOGISTICS, a member of The COOP in Hangzhou, recently held the first of what will be an annual Badminton Championship in its company. In total, 30 employees took part across both singles and doubles tournaments with winners being well rewarded.

“At HEADWIN LOGISTICS, we value each member of our team and believe that we are a better company when every part of ‘our machine’ is working together well which is why team events like this are so important. The comradery, support and encouragement seen on court are then replicated in the office” said Sean Wu, HEADWIN LOGISTICS’ Overseas Manager.

Its 2016 tournament has already promised to be bigger and better!

We invite members with shipments in Hangzhou to get in touch with the HEADWIN LOGISTICS’ team.


Sean Wu