Kopf + Lübben centralises their air freight operations in FreightViewer and have almost reached 900 quotations generated in the system


FreightViewer was launched three years back and, nowadays, it’s becoming the reference software for The Cooperative members. Unlike other transport management softwares in the market , such as Freightos, Flexport or iContainers; FreightViewer has the great advantage of being developed within an international logistics network, enabling members to access to online rates from reliable agents all over the globe.


This week we are publishing an interview with Tobias Teichmann, head of the airfreight department of Kopf + Lübben,  a Coop member in Hamburg, Bremen and Frankfurt, and one of the founders of the network . This is a special interview where our topic in focus is FreightViewer, the Coop’s member- exclusive freight rate management software. During the past year, The Coop’s FreightViewer Department and Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services worked closely to improve the software. In this interview, Mr. Teichmann talks about the utilities of this platform and how it is helping their team to accelerate their everyday work processes.

Kopf+Lubben -Independent freight forwarder
Interview with Tobias Teichmann

Q. Since when have you been using FreightViewer?

A. Kopf + Lübben started working with FreightViewer almost one year ago. Initially, we requested a demonstration of the system, and we soon realized the software would be very useful in our office. We started to use FreightViewer with one regular client who submits many inquiries to us. Initially, we uploaded our local charges and rates, which took some time and effort, of course. However, that soon paid off.  After we got a routine with the first client and learned how to use FreightViewer, we have quickly customized it for further clients and the team immediately felt confident about the process. Until today, we have reached almost 900 quotations saved in FreightViewer and we are now planning on managing our ocean freights with FreightViewer as well.

Q. How is FreightViewer helping you to enhance the efficiency and overall output of your office tasks?

A. FreightViewer enables K + L’s Air Freight department to reduce the time needed for a quotation. All of our quotations now have the same homogeneous format and proper layout.  FreightViewer also offers useful statistics for our customers’ operations as well as a quotation workflow. Furthermore, the implementation of FreightViewer in the Air Freight Department has meant a significant change for our team who previously used to work with corporate design excel sheets and needed to recalculate costs for each inquiry.

FreightViewer- freight rate management tool

FreightViewer enables our air freight department to reduce the time needed for calculating a quotation. Furthermore, the implementation of FreightViewer has meant a significant change for our team who previously used to work with corporate design excel sheets and needed to recalculate costs for each inquiry.”

Q. What is your opinion about the new updates added to the FreightViewer? Are they adding to the usability of this platform?

A. Some of the improvements suggested and finally implemented in the tool was integrating a calculator for the cargo dimensions, duplicating quotes for offering several options to customers, the option to amend remarks in the quotation or to modify the validity date in a specific quote. We’re very pleased with the performance now. Calculating and submitting a quote just takes a few minutes, it is a great simplification. The Coop’s FV team has been very supportive, little hiccups in the program have been improved immediately. We strongly recommend users experiencing problems with the software to contact the FV team at The Coop who always help quickly and reliably.

Q. Do you think FreightViewer is helping the Coop members to take the first step towards digitization?

A.  FreightViewer is a free and exclusive online software to generate quotations that enables the members to send accurate quotations instantly. From my experience, this platform enormously simplifies the process of generating quotes. The updates added to FreightViewer have enabled our team to quote in a couple of minutes resulting in an average of twelve quotes per day. I am certain that this software can be a great way for members to take the first step towards digitization. Most importantly, in a time when the logistics industry is struggling with so many hindrances, independent freight forwarders need to digitize their operations by using solutions like the FreightViewer.

Q. What rates have you uploaded to  FreightViewer?

A. We have uploaded our import and export local, transport and Air Freight rates to FreightViewer. Therefore, all agents are able to check these instantly. They just need to access the Members Area and go to Freight Viewer’s rate browser. We have now inserted all shipments from-to Hamburg, Bremen or Frankfurt in FreightViewer.  All members in The Coop can check our rates online at any time.  FreightViewer then forwards these quotations straight to us by an automatic email to ensure that we get all of them.

Q. Would you like to recommend the use of FreightViewer to your network partners?

A. FreightViewer is a brilliant platform that allows members to organize their rates with their local and transport charges on a single platform. Furthermore, the platform allows the members to be at the cutting edge of technology and compete with the stalwarts in the industry by digitizing the majority of business processes. The software stores all data needed for organising a shipment. In other words, a tool like FV will allow the users to come up with an accurate door-to-door quotation. Additionally, it allows forwarders to respond to their customers’ enquiries immediately

Interview with Kopf + Lubben Cargo Services (Bremen, Frankfurt and Hamburg)

From graphic designer to freight forwarder, Thomas Manigk has certainly had a less than conventional entry into the industry. That being said it has not been a hindrance with Thomas currently Managing Director of Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services a German freight forwarder going from strength to strength. We recently spoke with him about the companies’ success and future plans. 

Q. When and how did you get into the freight forwarding industry?

A. By coincidence, as is so often the case in our industry. – It was my aspiration to work in the field of marketing, more specifically, as a graphic designer. To this end, I commenced studying Art and History of Art at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, my home country. Realising, that my creative streak is limited, I jumped at the opportunity of doing an internship at an international freight forwarding company, where a friend of the family was working. It was in 1983 that I then commenced my professional training at this company.

Q. Can you tell us a little of the history of Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services? 

A. Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services was founded by Walter Kopf and Johann Lübben in 1976 in their home town, Bremen. With four employees, the company initially focused its activities on import ocean freight. Spices from the Far East and Africa, basketry from Poland, gift ware from the Far East and computerised boring machines from the United States were amongst the first orders handled.

Q. What distinguishes Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services from other freight forwarders in your city? 

A. Our high level of service would be the obvious answer. However, we are well aware of the fact that our competitors also strive to offer the best possible service. We, therefore, lay emphasis on not only ensuring that our customer’s freight arrives at destination on time and intact, but also on improving the supply chain in consultation with the customer. We expect our employees to think a step ahead and to anticipate what might happen during the course of the carriage of the goods, which our customers entrust us with. We work on a “one face to the customer” principle, thereby ensuring a very personal service.

Q. How different is Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services now compared with when it was founded?

A.While the company was founded 10 years after the advent of containerisation, the initial years were still characterised by the physical handling of the freight, whereas data management and the flow of information have become far more prevalent today. Accordingly, we are constantly upgrading our IT systems and software in order to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Q. I saw on your website that you take young apprentices. Could you tell us a little about how this scheme works?

A. The apprenticeship system in Germany has proven extremely successful across all industry sectors and as a result, has gained recognition not only throughout Europe but in a growing number of countries worldwide. It enables companies to recruit and to train their future generations of employees according to their own needs and in line with the provisions of the German Vocational Training Act over a period of 30 or 36 months, depending on the school qualification. During this period, apprentices rotate through all major operational and administrative departments of the training company, gaining on the job experience while simultaneously attending classes, studying the theoretical knowledge and expertise it takes to become a well-qualified management assistant in the field of transport and logistics. The dual system theoretical training is conducted according to a curriculum which includes aspects of foreign trade, logistics and transport, business processes, finance and accounting and foreign languages. Upon graduation, the apprentices receive a diploma issued by the local Chamber of Commerce, which is recognised across Europe. In some instances, the graduates choose to supplement the apprenticeship through further studies at a University, in order to obtain a BA degree.

Q. Why does Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services feel it’s important to invest its time and money in apprenticeships?

A. With the demographics in Germany being as they are, companies are beginning to face a shortage of skilled employees. We have always lived by the principle of “important in a company are the people who work for it and the spirit in which they carry out their work”. In order to ensure that we find qualified employees with the desired skills, language skills and work habits to match our company’s principle and requirements, we actively promote our industry at high schools, offering internships and then training these highly motivated young men and women in line with our company’s requirements, to eventually benefit from the practically oriented qualification which they have obtained during the training period.

Q. What are your immediate plans for Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services?

A. It is imperative that we continue to follow our strategy of transforming ourselves from the traditional freight forwarder to a full service provider, offering a multitude of value added services. To this end, our prime focus is on further developing and strengthening our branches in China, where we have the infrastructure for offering integrated global logistics solutions, including eCommerce and eFulfilment solutions.

Q. What are your longer term ambitions for Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services?

A. Our longer term ambitions are a) to be recognised as a service provider offering technology enabled supply chain solutions from “concept to cash” with state of the art PO management visibility solutions, predominantly for brands and retailers and b) to become a significant player in China for eCommerce solutions with full front-end and back-end capabilities for European brands.

All members with shipments in Bremen, Frankfurt and Hamburg are invited to get in touch with the Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services team. 

Thomas Manigk 


Kopf + Lubben Cargo Services launches new e-commerce and e-fulfillment service

Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services, a member of The Coop in Bremen, Frankfurt and Hamburg, has recently extended its portfolio of services by establishing a business unit focusing on e-Commerce and e-Fulfillment for the Chinese market 

Turnover in retail sales is shifting strongly towards e-Commerce, a trend most visible in China. The People’s Republic boasts the largest e-Commerce market, growing at a rate of more than 20% per annum.

“We are assisting European brands in reaching the mass Chinese consumer market through online sales channels,” said Managing Director Thomas Manigk. He continued, “We support our customers in overcoming numerous challenges such as cultural specifics, language, legal compliance or consumer behavior.”

E-Commerce services that Kopf + Lübben are offering include:

– front-end design and navigation of web shops

-data handling, store management, marketing

-after sales service and warehousing and fulfilment

The e-fulfilment services that the company is offering are comprehensive not only for “the brick and mortar” trade, but also for the online trade. Their warehouses in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen cover all fields of activities in B2B and B2C trades, including procurement, warehousing and complex logistics services as well as shipment and returns management.

“We have a clear sense of where we want the company to go and that is summed up with the phrase ‘moving with the times’ and these new services are a key part of this. Our dedicated and experienced staff are constantly thinking a step ahead, allowing our customers to master the challenges of today, while positioning ourselves for the challenges of tomorrow,” said Thomas Manigk.

We would like to congratulate Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services and invite members with shipments in Bremen, Frankfurt and Hamburg to get in touch with the team.