Capital Shipping takes the first step of their strategic plan to digitize their services

This will position their company in a higher level of competition and will boost their brand awareness

Capital Shipping, a Coop member in Amman, Jordan, has embarked on a digital transformation by initiating a strategic plan to digitize their services in order to position them at a higher level that will enable them to offer upgraded services as well as improve their skills to meet the freight forwarder’s market needs. The first step of this plan is to provide their clients with a digital ability to compare rates from the main shipping lines within a couple of clicks.

“Digital transformation is the future of a successful business and providing digital tools to simplify operational activities is a must in a fast-changing world. Therefore, taking this approach does not only get our company and brand to the top levels of the competition but it will also enhance our image and will put us as a trustworthy logistic partner to be proud of”, states Khalid Al-Homaidi, Capital Shipping’s General Manager.

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To do so, the first step of Capital Shipping’s plan has been the launch of a new pricing tool service for easy comparison of shipping line prices through their website portal. “This tool aims to allow our clients and partners view three different shipping line rates within a couple of clicks, making it easier to check the transportation cost of major carriers efficiently, with a clear comparison of transit time among carriers. This service will surely have a huge benefit of giving price indications for cargo movement planning and logistics decision making, which will reduce effort, work, and time to our clients”, states Ahmad Othman, Business Development Manager at Capital Shipping.

Additionally, as part of their marketing strategy, Capital Shipping is also planning to promote their wide range of logistics services which will highlight their professional level of service and will broaden the scope of their logistic services’ reach to more diverse clients.

We invite members to have a look at their new portal and the video they have put together to introduce this digital service!

Congratulations to Capital Shipping and wishing them the best for the future!