Westar Internationale launches a new consolidation service in cooperation with a Coop partner

After attending The Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting at Phuket, they teamed up with FEI Cargo to finalize all the details of this new consolidation service from India to Germany

Westar Internationale Spedition GMBH, a Coop member in Duesseldorf, Germany, and Pittsburgh, USA, recently started a consolidation service from India to Remscheid, Germany in cooperation with FEI Cargo, a Coop member in Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore, India. “The preparation took a long time and was delayed by Coronavirus. However, this year Coop’s face-to-face meeting in Phuket has contributed to clarify the last performance details. All in all the initial phase is done and the service has been running successfully for several months,” says Juergen Ott, Managing Director of Westar Internationale.

Westar International - The Cooperative
Westar International – The Cooperative


This is already the second consolidation service which they set up with a Coop member. In 2019, few months after joining The Cooperative, and after attending the annual meeting in Abu Dhabi, they started consolidation service from Shenzhen to Remscheid in cooperation with a network member.   

Westar excels in LCL Ocean Consolidation Services from China & Taiwan to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with a distinct focus on handling the shipments at its destination ports. “One of the key differentiators of our services lies in our destination handling approach. Unlike many shipments destined for Germany, which are typically booked with co-loaders with port destinations, our customized LCL ocean consolidation services offer a more efficient and flexible solution,” adds Mr. Ott.

Traditional procedures can be time-consuming and lack flexibility, whereas their specialized LCL ocean consolidation services prioritize seamless transfer of containers from the port to their warehouses. When containers arrive in the port, they execute a direct transfer under bond to their two strategically located warehouses in Remscheid, Western Germany, in close proximity to Duesseldorf and Cologne. The unloading is efficiently handled by their dedicated in-house staff.

Congratulations to Westar Internationale on their successful collaboration and all the best for their upcoming endeavours!

The Coop launches a new web application for their upcoming Annual Meeting

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s new web app will guide the members through every aspect of their meeting schedule with just a few taps on their phone

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 6th Annual Meeting is all set to be held at Le Meridien Beach Resort, Phuket, Thailand, from 11th to 13th March 2023. On the occasion of this event, the Coop has launched a new web app that will allow agents to seamlessly browse through every detail of the event agenda.

The Cooperative Logistics Network
The Coop’s New Web App


With the help of this app members can access all the pertinent information about the meeting schedule. All they need to do is open the web app on their phones and login with their email and password. This will enable them to browse through the one-to-one meeting timetable, the meeting slots, timings, table number, names of the delegates and the names of their companies and cities etc. Moreover, members will also be able to browse through the delegate list to locate a partner they might need to interact with. Finally, the app also allows members to view the photos taken in course of the conference and share them instantly on their social media handles.

To quote Maria Serrano, the PR and Event Coordinator of The Coop, “This new web application will help to bring together all the relevant information about the event at our members’ fingertips. We always try out best to enhance our services to ensure an unparalleled networking activity for our members. This is precisely why we have launched this web app that will help to ensure the smoothest possible conferencing experience for our delegates in Phuket. “