The Cooperative Logistics Network takes part in the Digital Logistics Conference 2023

Organized by PTN Events, the goal of this conference goal was to gather diverse perspectives from thought leaders, suppliers, and industry experts to explore areas for innovation in the logistics sector

Andrea Martin, The FreightViewer Coordinator of The Cooperative Logistics Network gave a presentation in the Digital Logistics Conference 2023. The online conference that took place on 11th and 12th October served as a platform for pioneers in logistics technologies to come together and participate in discussions focused on sustainable digitization in this sector.

In this conference, Andrea Martin delivered a presentation on “Challenges and Opportunities for Freight Forwarders in Logistics 4.0.” During her presentation, Andrea Martin emphasized the significance of devising a digital strategy within the logistics sector to effectively adapt to the technological shifts occurring in the industry. She also shed light on how The Coop’s member-exclusive TMS FreightViewer plays a crucial role in assisting members with their digitization endeavours.

Digital Logistics Conference
Digital Logistics Conference


Moreover, she explained how  wholeheartedly embracing technology will enable freight forwarders to  trim costs and expedite their operations while creating novel solutions for intricate logistical problems. Furthermore, she stated how the rise of digital freight forwarders and user-friendly online platforms promises to add an extra layer of convenience and excitement to the Logistics 4.0 narrative. In her words, “This conference helped to keep people working in this sector well-informed about the latest developments in the logistics sector and also provided an opportunity to position our member-exclusive transport management software, FreightViewer, in the context of the new era where establishing a digital strategy has shifted from being optional to becoming a mandatory requirement for freight forwarders.”

The aim of the Digital Logistics Conference was to exchange valuable perspectives and crucial strategies in digitalization & e-commerce, innovation & new technologies, sustainability, and integrated shipping & logistics. With an intense 2-day agenda, the conference organized in-depth discussions to increase efficiency, and enhance safety in the logistics industry by an innovative digital strategy.


The Coop media partner Breakbulk Europe 2023 surpasses all previous attendance records

The three-day event that took place at Rotterdam Ahoy, Netherlands was attended by more than 10,445 supply chain industry professionals

Breakbulk Europe 2023
Breakbulk Europe 2023


Breakbulk Europe 2023 – a media partner of The Cooperative Logistics Network took place from 6th to 8th June 2023, at Rotterdam, Netherlands. The event which was attended by a record 10,445 industry professionals from over 126 countries, had been an out-and-out success. Held from 6th to 8th June 2023, the conference witnessed a 15% increase in total attendees as compared with 2022. Although most of the visitors hailed from the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, there was a significant increase in the number of participants from countries like India, China, Turkey, the UAE, Brazil and Singapore.

As stated by Juliana Gibbons, VP for breakbulk specialist Swire Projects, “This event is truly exceptional in its ability to bring together a vast number of industry professionals in a condensed time frame. Breakbulk Europe presents an incredibly powerful business opportunity. Moreover, it extends beyond mere networking to provide a platform for showcasing your company, products and services.”

Furthermore, DHL Global Forwarding sponsored the main stage at this year’s event. It served as a platform for a series of captivating panel sessions. Renowned speakers engaged in thought-provoking discussions, covering a wide range of pertinent topics. From nuclear power and offshore wind to air cargo and the pivotal role of ports in enhancing supply chain efficiency, these sessions offered valuable insights and fostered meaningful dialogue among attendees.

Gelu Batrinca, a participant from Romania, expressed the enduring impact of Breakbulk Europe in forging strong and long-lasting partnerships. “With its diverse range of exhibitors and visitors representing various segments of the supply chain, Breakbulk Europe provides an outstanding platform for networking, and the formation of fruitful collaborations,” she says.

More than 150 participants enjoyed an inspiring session at the Women in Breakbulk Breakfast. Additionally, innovation and technology played a primary role at the all-new Breakbulk Futures Zone. The Futures Zone was an experienced-based space featuring products and services from industry innovators.

Historical record attendance of freight forwarders at The Cooperative’s 6th Annual Meeting held from 11th to 13th March in Phuket

230 freight forwarders from over 60 different countries participated in 6000 one-to-one meetings in Phuket

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 6th Annual Meeting which took place from 11th to 13th March at Le Meridien Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand, has been an out-and-out success. The event brought together 230 members from more than 60 different countries for three days of networking and entertainment, a 25% increase in attendance comparing to the previous one. Attendees have also had the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the freight industry and connect with other professionals in the field.

The Coop's 6th Annual Meeting
The Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting

The primary objective of this conference was the interchange of projects among members with the help of scheduled one-to-one business discussions. Moreover, this year, The Cooperative Logistics Network has created a new web app that has allowed delegates to constantly stay updated with the meeting agenda. On logging into this application, the members could access every meeting information and check all the required information about the everyday agenda of the meeting which greatly helped the agents.

“We are thrilled about the huge turnout we have had at The Cooperative’s Annual Meeting this year, which is the largest attendance ever. This year’s conference was all the more significant since it took place after a three years’ hiatus because of the pandemic when the network had to organize virtual conferences. We were delighted to see that everyone was looking forward to meeting each other once again,” says Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of The Cooperative Logistics Network.

The conference started with a Corporate Day Trip to the Phi Phi Islands, that not just allowed the delegates to explore the marvels around Phuket but also made way for lasting bonds and friendships among the members.

During the second and third day, members engaged in over 6000 One-to-one meetings with chosen partners to discuss the prospects of future collaboration.

The Cocktail Reception and the Gala Dinner Party were some of the other highlights of the event that helped to reinforce the connections among the delegates while allowing the members to bond over food, drinks, and live music.

As stated by one of the attending members, “This Annual Meeting exceeded our expectations. There were more members than ever from all over the world participating in the one-to-one meetings. It has been a wonderful and highly productive experience, since it has allowed us to secure new projects from our partners within the network.”

Additionally, 5 prominent websites dedicated to the logistics sector have covered the news about the record turnout and the success of The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 6th Annual Meeting. Websites that have published the news about the conference are- Cargo Breaking News, Globe News Wire, E Cargo Log, Morning Star, and Forwarder Magazine.

The Coop launches a new web application for their upcoming Annual Meeting

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s new web app will guide the members through every aspect of their meeting schedule with just a few taps on their phone

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 6th Annual Meeting is all set to be held at Le Meridien Beach Resort, Phuket, Thailand, from 11th to 13th March 2023. On the occasion of this event, the Coop has launched a new web app that will allow agents to seamlessly browse through every detail of the event agenda.

The Cooperative Logistics Network
The Coop’s New Web App


With the help of this app members can access all the pertinent information about the meeting schedule. All they need to do is open the web app on their phones and login with their email and password. This will enable them to browse through the one-to-one meeting timetable, the meeting slots, timings, table number, names of the delegates and the names of their companies and cities etc. Moreover, members will also be able to browse through the delegate list to locate a partner they might need to interact with. Finally, the app also allows members to view the photos taken in course of the conference and share them instantly on their social media handles.

To quote Maria Serrano, the PR and Event Coordinator of The Coop, “This new web application will help to bring together all the relevant information about the event at our members’ fingertips. We always try out best to enhance our services to ensure an unparalleled networking activity for our members. This is precisely why we have launched this web app that will help to ensure the smoothest possible conferencing experience for our delegates in Phuket. “

The Cooperative Logistics Network teams up with Logistics Business Show, to be held from 15th to 17th March

Andrea Martin, The Coop’s FreightViewer Coordinator, will be speaking in one of the Roundtable Panel Discussions during the event

The Cooperative Logistics Network has partnered with Logistics Business Show– an international virtual exhibition cum conference for the logistics and materials handling industry. The Logistics Business Show will take place from 15th to 17th of March. This event offers a collaborative platform for supply chain professionals. The Logistics Business Show takes place twice a year in March and October. Over 5000 industry professionals will be attending the March and October events.

Logistics Business Show
Logistics Business Show 2022


Andrea Martin, The Coop’s FreightViewer Coordinator, will be speaking at the Roundtable titled ‘Road Transport Challenges’. The Panel Discussion will be broadcasted live at their show on Tuesday 15th March at 10.00 am UK/11.00 am CET. Other topics for the Roundtable include- Software for Real-Time Visibility, Automation Systems in the Distribution Centre, Robotics Affordability & AI, Delivery WISMO & Inventory Management, Warehouse Worker Health & Safety, Track & Trace: Rugged Mobile, Sustainable Supply Chains, Forklift Innovation & Components.

Registering for the event will allow the participants to network with several renowned supply chain decision-makers. Additionally, the attendees can watch the conference and meet the panelists and exhibitors via live video calls and chats. They will also get to purchase products and solutions and ask questions to the panelist speakers. Most importantly, attending the event will enable the participants to enhance their networking and get an idea about the opinions and suggestions of industry experts and conference speakers.

The Coop members can register for this event by clicking on this link.

The Coop’s 2nd Virtual Meeting will be held in less than two months

The cloud conference to be held on 15th and 16th November will be an easy and effective way for members to expand their operations

After the success of The Coop’s 1st Virtual Meeting, The Cooperative Logistics Network is once again gearing up to organize its 2nd Online Conference. The Coop’s 2nd Virtual Meeting will take place on the 15th and 16th of November, 2021. This virtual meeting will bring the members together on one platform at one time for enhanced business networking.

The one-to-one video-conferences will form the core of the event. Members will get to participate in up to 32 video conferences of 20 minutes duration with previously selected network partners. The one-to-one business talks will cultivate long-term partnerships. Moreover, it will allow the participants to showcase their business and do the groundwork for many new collaborative projects. The Coop team has taken special care to accommodate delegates from all the different time zones.

The Coop-2nd Virtual Meeting
The Coop’s 2nd Virtual Meeting on 15th-16th November


The meeting will take place on a special platform designed by The Coop for a seamless online conferencing experience. Moreover, the meeting will also come with a special segment consisting of FreightViewer workshops. Andrea Martin, from The Coop’s FreightViewer department will explain the new updates of this quote generation platform via live demonstrations.

“We organize all our yearly meetings with one specific objective. We want to provide our members with a congenial atmosphere for enhanced networking so as to promote mutual collaboration and increase the business volume of the members. Now more than ever, the independent freight forwarders need to collaborate in order to recuperate from the aftermath of the pandemic. Our virtual meeting will allow the members to do the much-needed networking and nurture their business right from the safety and comforts of their home,” says Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of The Coop.

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