The Coop launches a new online training academy to offer freight forwarding courses for the members

The Coop has teamed up with CIFFA and Container xChange to offer 2 different level logistics courses and a Masterclass on SOC containers

The Cooperative Logistics Network has teamed up with esteemed organizations like CIFFA and Container xChange to provide online freight forwarding certificate courses for the members and their employees. Training will provide the much-needed training required to keep pace with the demands of logistical operations in 2022. The courses will allow the agents to learn and execute complex supply chain processes. Additionally, it will help them enhance their knowledge of the workings of this sector to prepare for effectively dealing with the industry challenges.

The Coop's freight forwarding courses
The Cooperative Logistics Network’s freight forwarding courses


To this end, The Cooperative has joined forces with The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA). They are an organization with over 6 decades of experience in education. They are also a certified training provider for IATA, FIATA, and ICAO. Additionally, The Coop has partnered with Container xChange, a neutral platform connecting hundreds of logistics companies. They offer an array of online educational course materials to help freight forwarders get a better knowledge of container leasing.

The Cooperative members can go for two levels of freight forwarding courses provided by CIFFA. The first course is on the topic of International Transportation and Trade. It is ideal for people who want to get a deeper understanding of the basics of global freight forwarding. It includes topics like risk management, quotations, Incoterms rules, freight costs, etc. Registration for this course is open till 30th March 2022.

The second course is called the Essentials of Freight Forwarding. It focuses on topics like packaging, documentation, cargo insurance, regulatory compliance, dangerous cargo, alternative transport solutions, and more. Enrollment for this course will be open from 14th June to 14th September 2022.

Additionally, The Coop members registering for one or more of the above-mentioned courses will get free access to the SOC Container Masterclass provided by Container xChange.  This masterclass is an exhaustive training regarding the handling of Shipper Owned Containers. The course seeks to make the process of owning and transporting container equipment easier for freight forwarders.

Moreover, the Coop’s career enhancement programmes are not just suitable for professional forwarders and logistics managers. They will help experienced forwarders to stay updated with the latest industry trends. Most importantly, the courses would also help the newcomers in this sector to get a better understanding of this industry. Lastly, these courses can be completed at the students’ suitable pace. CIFFA will provide the participants with interactive classes, audio, video lessons, and a downloadable e-book.

To quote Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of the Cooperative Logistics Network, “We believe in fostering the development of the essential skills for our members in every possible way. Moreover, the logistics industry is currently facing a shortage of skilled and trained workforce globally. For this reason, we are partnering with esteemed organizations such as the CIFFA and Container xChange. This will enable us to provide our members with the much-needed training to keep pace with the demands of logistical operations in 2022.”