A tricky shipment

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Shine Logistics (A member of the COOP in Seoul, South Korea) have recently arranged a tricky four piece break bulk shipment from Busan, Korea to Laem Chabang, Thailand. The loads were oversized and the total weight was 141 ton (33 ~ 44 ton per piece). The shipment was completed with a combination of a 4EA Break Bulk, 3EA 40 Flat Rack and a 5EA 40 High Cube.

Part of the reason that the shipment was trickier than some shipments, was a problem that arose with the port facilities. However, the problem was solved efficiently with carrier and the shipment continued safely.

The consignee for the shipment was the multinational Corporation Electrolux Thailand Co., Ltd, who were pleased with the way the problems were handled and resolved by the experienced team.

We invite all members with shipments to or from Seoul, to get in touch with the Shine Logistics Co. Ltd team