Interview with Shine Logistics

“We anticipate all of the small and large challenges that we could come up against in our industry and have a plan for each eventuality”
COOP Seoul – SHINE LOGISTICS has successfully evolved from humble beginnings to a now having a renowned local and worldwide reputation. Their key for success is Speed, Simplicity and the personal touch. This week, President Chan-Bin Im, told us a bit more about their story and their present challenges.

Q. When and how did you get into the freight forwarding industry?
A. I actually started out at a trading company in Korea before making the career change into freight forwarding in 1999.

Q. Can you tell us a little of the history of Shine Logistics?
A. My co-worker and I decided to establish SHINE in 2004, wanting to create something that was different from other competitors, by listening to customers to shape our business plan. We believe honestly is the best policy, and have an excellent relationship with our clients to this day.

Q. What distinguishes Shine Logistics from other freight forwarders in your city? 
A. We personalise every aspect of the service for our client. We understand that freight forwarding isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ business. This is a big difference from most freight forwarding companies who standardize their services. Our approach has proven popular so far, with many return customers.

Q. What are the main challenges facing freight forwarders in Korea now?
A. Last year, Hanjin’s Shipping collapsed suddenly. Things like that are a shock, but they happen. Many of the big shipping lines are starting to merge with each as a result, which can either be a good thing or a bad thing for us. So for now, if this means forming closer ties with similar companies, then that is something we will be prepared to do.

Q. How is the freight forwarding industry tackling these challenges?
A. Preparation! You have to expected the unexpected. An important part of this is having a close relationship with shipping partners.

Q. How is Shine Logistics dealing with these challenges daily?
A. We have a strong team. Even staff who are not on the front line of the logistics side of things learn all the in’s and out’s of the business so they can deal with all challenges, and provide quality customer service.

Q. What are the challenges of shipping steel and how do your team overcome them?

A. Most shipping lines don’t like taking steel because it weighs so much. As I said, this where a strong relationship with shipping lines make the difference, and we have built a solid group of partners over time.

Q. What would be the most significant shipment your team has handled?

A.Our main commodity is steel goods like a STS coils, round bar, plate, tube and all other forms of steel. We ship a lot both domestically and abroad.
Q. Where do you see Shine Logistics in 10 years?
A. My dream is for Shine to become one of the biggest freight forwarding companies in Korea and the world. We believe this possible as long as we continue to pursue excellent and confidential customer service, which has held us in great stead until now.

A tricky shipment

Shine Logistics (A member of the COOP in Seoul, South Korea) have recently arranged a tricky four piece break bulk shipment from Busan, Korea to Laem Chabang, Thailand. The loads were oversized and the total weight was 141 ton (33 ~ 44 ton per piece). The shipment was completed with a combination of a 4EA Break Bulk, 3EA 40 Flat Rack and a 5EA 40 High Cube.

Part of the reason that the shipment was trickier than some shipments, was a problem that arose with the port facilities. However, the problem was solved efficiently with carrier and the shipment continued safely.

The consignee for the shipment was the multinational Corporation Electrolux Thailand Co., Ltd, who were pleased with the way the problems were handled and resolved by the experienced team.

We invite all members with shipments to or from Seoul, to get in touch with the Shine Logistics Co. Ltd team